IWantFeet – Personal Trainer, Personal Worshipper

Well it would seem that Simona is at it again…….If you don’t already know Simona is Danica’s personal trainer. She comes in her house and gives her a good workout to help keep her in shape. Last time (see below “Personal Trainer, Personal Smeller”) Simona made a pass at Danica’s feet…..well so to speak. It resulted in the girls having a nice long foot smelling session after a long workout. In the end they agreed they meet again and do the same making sure they got their feet all warmed up, sweaty and soft. Well we see them finishing their workout and Simona asks if Danica would like to stretch or if she’s…..well…..rather get down to business! Danica said she’d prefer to get to the feet and off to the bedroom they go. Once inside Simona pushes her on the bed and yanks off her shoes. She takes some deep whiffs first before she sits up and begins to speak. She tells Danica that she worked her out REALLY good for a reason. She wants to “take things up a notch” and lick her sweaty feet clean! You can see the anticipation on Simona’s face waiting for the answer. Danica doesn’t seem to have a problem and so Simona dives in and goes to town!!! Simona LOVES feet and Danica’s especially. She licks and nibbles and devours them passionately getting them REALLY WET! She feasts on Danica’s feet for a while before Danica rolls over so she can devour her toes. Not long after Danica asks for her chance at Simona’s feet! Simona is elated and happily climbs on the bed. Simona comments how sexy it is to see Danica’s beautiful lips wrapped around her feet! Danica does some serious devouring of her own as Simona clearly gets turned on as she soaks it in! Enjoy, this one’s HOT!!

Duration: 30:52
Size: 221,909 Mb

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