IWantFeet – Outed After The Pool Party

So the girls just had an awesome pool party. All dressed in their bikinis the head inside to lay down on the bed and relax from a very active, fun day. As the file in and get on the bed Nadia is the only one that lays with her head down at the end of the bed. All the othe girls lay on the bed normal. The girls notice this and point it out quietly to each other. They’ve suspected that Nadia has a bit of a thing for feet and this is just another example. The girls smile at each other and giggle a bit. They all slide their feet down near Nadia and make small talk about the goings on of the day. Really they’re watching Nadia and what she’s doing. The conversation is meaningless to them but they don’t want Nadia to suspect that they suspect her. They get their feet close and move them around, flexing and pointing and rubbing them together. Nadia is in heaven she’s stare lustfully at all the girls’ feet not realizing that she’s being watched!! The girls then begin to massage Nadia with their feet! Rubbing their sexy soles on her back Nadia is really finding it hard to maintain her composure. The girls press the issue as they begin to question her. Nadia gives in and admits to loving their feet. She rolls over to have them all in her face to caress and stare at. The girls tell her it’s okay and they understand. They allow her to play with their feet but it’s not enough for Nadia. She tells the girls that what she’d really like to worship their feet. The girls are all curious and think it’d be fun. Nadia takes charge having them roll over and put their feet in a line on the side of the bed. She gets down on the ground and starts feasting on her own little foot buffet! Nadia is in heaven as she licks and sucks passionately on the sexy wrinkly bare soles getting the NICE AND WET! She takes her time and really goes to town and after a while she has the girls roll over so that she can have her own toe buffet!! She sucks on all the girls toes and EVEN PUTS THEIR TOES TOGETHER AND TAKES AS MANY AS SHE CAN IN HER MOUTH! Nadia is a naughty girl for sure when it comes to feet and her friends seem ready to let her have her fun from now on!! SUPER SEXY scene with amazingly beautiful girls and feet!!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4115 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 24:02.056
Size: 722,858 Mb

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