IWantFeet – Oh Yes I Can!

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Awesome forced worship custom!!! We enter to see the always beautiful Honey sitting on her bed, reading quietly. Her roommate Jessica enters and climbs on the bed with Honey. She positions herself so that Honey’s feet are close to her face and within reach. Honey is more interested in reading as she dangles, flips and pops her feet in and out of her ballet flats. Her amazing and revealing shoe play is driving Jessica crazy and Jessica reaches out to touch Honey’s feet. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, Honey knows what Jessica is doing and moves her feet out of reach as she smiles an evil smile. Jessica offers a nice foot rub but Honey declines. “I’m not really into you touching my feet. I know you have a weird foot thing and I don’t really want to be any part of it.” Honey is VERY aware of Jessica’s attraction to feet and doesn’t share her enthusiasm for it. What Honey also knows is that what she’s doing is torturing Jessica and so she continues with her evil teasing shoe play, loving every minute of the torment she’s putting Honey through. Jessica makes a move again and Honey again dodges it. Jessica then decides to leave the room. After leaving Honey comments to herself that Jessica won’t be getting any of her feet but if she returns Honey will definitely continue to tease, torment and deny Jessica any shot at her feet. Jessica does return, holding something suspiciously behind her back. When she moves past Honey and out of her view she pounces on Honey knocking her out with something 🙂 Jessica is about to have her way with Honey’s feet. Honey awakens to find her feet duct taped to the and of the bed with her soles up in the air. Her hands are duct taped behind her back and there has also been some tape placed over her mouth. Jessica begins to enjoy her victory and plans on taking a nice long time with Honey’s feet. She first partially removes her shoes so she can take a nice whiff of her feet and shoes at the same time. Then Jessica removes her shoe so she can bury her nose in it. After doing the same with both feet she then begins to rub her face on Honey’s bare soles and buries her nose in Honey’s toes taking huge whiffs of her sweet smelling feet! Jessica spends a very long time kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking Honey’s feet until they’re nice and moist. Honey struggles and complains under her gag but there is nothing she can do. After a long session of completely devouring her feet Jessica moves up to Honey’s head. Tay happens in to see what’s going on. She’s shocked as Jessica tells her she did this to Honey because Honey wouldn’t let her play with her feet as she doesn’t like it. Tay, instead of helping Honey, joins Jessica and helps her as she tries to make Honey learn to like feet. Jessica takes off her sock and gets on her knees on the bed. Tay lifts Honey’s head by her hair as Jessica places her wrinkly soles right in front of Honey. Tay then takes Honey’s head and forces it down on Jessica’s sexy soles making her breath in Jessica’s feet! They then remove the tape and force Honey to spend a little time licking and sucking on Jessica’s feet! Honey is powerless to stop Jessica and she knows for sure now that when she tells Jessica she can’t have her feet, Jessica will simply say OH YES I CAN!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 25:53

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