IWantFeet – Oh Yes I can….. Too (Two)

You guys asked for it!! Here it is!! New girls, new action, same great style! Danica is our teasing little devil, with her amazingly beautiful, soft feet, incredible body and a face that could launch 1000 ships 🙂 The desperate and pitiful foot lover is Annabelle. She wants Danica’s feet and Danica knows it. Danica goes out of her way to tease and torment Annabelle with her sexy feet knowing full well that she has no intention of letting her play with them. She dangles and pops her shoes on and off. She even lets a dangling shoe fall off and asks Annabelle to place it back on her foot. No touching allowed. Annabelle is so sad looking as she gazes longingly at Danica’s sexy feet. She can’t take it, she can’t. She leaves. Danica just lays there mindlessly playing with her shoes and Annabelle returns. She endures more teasing and torment before she reaches her limit. She jumps her roommate placing something over her face and just like that, Danica is out! We return to find Danica still with her legs taped to the bed, gagged and her hands bound. From this point forward it’s all about Annabelle’s desires. She licks, sucks, sniffs, nibbles and kisses Danica’s feet getting every inch of them in her mouth! A very long very hot session goes on while Danica complains in her gag. After a while, a visitor shows up. It’s Neptune. She asks what’s going on and Annabelle explains. Neptune asks if she thinks Danica has learned her lesson. Annabelle says no. Neptune suggests that there may be another way to teach her a lesson. Wonder what that means? Very hot foot worship in this one!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 41:57

Download – Oh Yes I can….. Too (Two)

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