IWantFeet – Mom’s Pills Knock Her OUT!

Lela and Danica are having a little sleep over. Danica’s stepmom Sunshine passes through the room on her way to the bed. She just took a sleeping pill and she’s going to go crash. She tells the girls not to stay up too late and to be good and off she goes. Lela inquires about Sunshine’s comments and Danica explains that when her mom takes her sleeping pill she’s out! Like really OUT! Nothing wakes her. Lightbulb!!! So the girls lay down on the sofas and drift off to sleep. Lela awakens short time later and looks around to see if Danica is asleep. She is. Lela slinks away to sneak into Danica’s mom’s room. She goes in and lifts up the covers to reveal Sunshine’s sleeping soles! Knowing what Danica said she moves in and begins to get in a few licks but still being a little careful to look up and check on Sunshine to make sure she’s still asleep. Reassured by her lack or response Lela gets more aggressive. What she doesn’t see is Danica sneak up on her. Danica scares Lela and asks her what she’s doing Lela knows she’s busted but Danica explains that she likes feet too and does this all the time. Lela gets really excited so she has Danica lay next to her mom so she can eat both of their feet. Danica even gives her mother commands which she follows in her sleep to point her toes and even roll over! Danica reassures Lela that she’ll never remember! Then the girls switch and Danica eats Sunshine and Lela’s feet! Both girls get a chance to feast passionately on each other’s feet and Sunshine’s licking and sucking and devouring as they live out a fantasy that neither of them knew the other had!! What a great sleepover!!!

Duration: 42:17
Size: 1 277,308 Mb

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