IWantFeet – Mia & Christina Are Sweaty & Sore

THIS IS A HOT ONE!!! Another request video comes to life and in it we INTRODUCE HOT NEW MODEL CHRISTINA!!! She has amazingly soft little feet with great wrinkly soles!! Anyway on to the description. Mia and Christina come home and flop on the sofa after a long workout. Both girls are tired and sore. Mia tells Christina that she’ll help her stretch out help loosen up. She gets up and takes her ankle and bends her leg back to help stretch her muscules. With Christina’s foot in her hand Mia has other things on her mind. She asks if Christina’s feet are sore and she says yes. Mia says she could massage them and Christina looks at her and says okay. Mia comments that they’re probably all sweaty and a little bit stinky. She sits down to remove Christina’s shoe and when she does she takes a good whiff of it. Then she slowly removed Christina’s sock to reveal her hot moist feet! She smells the sock before discarding it and then buries her nose in Christina’s foot. After that Mia gives her a looong and very sensual foot worship as Christina flexes and points her toes making her softy little size 6 soles nice and wrinkly. After removing her second shoe and sock and doing the same, Christina offers to return the favor. You’ll love watching her remove Mia’s shoes and socks sniffing them before putting her soft wet tongue and lucious lips to work on Mia’s beautiful and powerful soles and toes making them moist with her saliva. This is one of the sexiest pair of girls we’ve every seen! It is a VERY LONG VIDEO IN HI DEF SO YOU MUST HAVE A BROADBAND CONNECTION.

Duration: 35:20
Size: 826,378 Mb

Download –┬áMia & Christina Are Sweaty & Sore

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