IWantFeet – Merry Christmas My Feet Are Yours!

**This year celebrate the return of the VERY SEXY Heidi, her beautiful feet and wonderfully sexy foot worship along with Danica!** Great minds think a like, especially when they’re obsessed with feet! Did you ever have someone that was so much like you that you ended up getting each other the same Christmas gift? Heidi and Danica have done that this year! Heidi calls Danica into the room while wearing a sexy Christmas outfit and her feet wrapped up in a bow! Danica was on her way in anyway to give Heid a gift but Heidi beat her to it. Danica is dressed in her super sexy elf outfit when she comes in and finds Heidi’s feet on display and a sexy grin on Heidi’s face! Heidi tells Danica that her feet are her gift to do with as she pleases and Danica does so with haste! Danica gets down on the floor bringing Heidi’s sexy wrinkly bare soles to her face and passionately worships each one after she removes the Christmas bow. Licking, nibbling and sucking her soles and toes with sexy desire. Heidi is loving life but not as much as when Danica told her that she could have her feet as her gift! Heidi trades places and begins to ravage Danica’s sexy wrinkly bare soles and toes with an insatiable drive. Heidi devours Danica’s sexy feet licking and biting them and sucking her toes showing you that it’s clearly the only gift she cared about this year!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 30:11

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