IWantFeet – Jules Gives SERIOUS Straddle!!

Okay THIS ONE IS HOT!!! Jules isn’t what we would consider one of our usual girls. She’s a bit eccentric and a little wild her her streak of color in her hair and feathered earrings but BOY OH BOY DOES SHE LOVE FEET!!! No seriously, this girl LOVES FEET! She is apparently a bit of a fan of Honey’s and has wanted to get at her feet. We decided to give her her shot and, well, she didn’t disappoint. Jules is relentless as she worships Honeys little feet with such drive and desire that it’s astounding!! She even comments that she loves “watching her saliva drip off your little feet” at one point! The girl loves feet! Honey’s feet! We want to know if we should give her a shot at more feet???? Let us know!!!

Duration: 11:50
Size: 312,29 Mb

Download –┬áJules Gives SERIOUS Straddle!!

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