IWantFeet – Indica Did What?!?!

This is a REALLY HOT scene you do not want to miss! Indica's friend Khloe comes to visit her employer Honey to tell her something important. You see it seems Indica has been stealing her wealthy employer's jewelry and Khloe can't keep the secret anymore. Knowing Honey will doubt her Khloe brings evidence. Honey offers to repay Khloe for her honesty. Khloe tells Honey that she knows that Indica often worships Honey's feet as part of her job and has heard how amazing Honey's feet are. Khloe admits to loving feet and asks if she can worship Honey's feet and maybe get some in return. Honey, curious, asks if Khloe and Indica are in a "foot relationship" to which Khloe replies that she wishes so but that Indica just won't worship her feet. Honey, puzzled asks to see Khloe's feet. She admires her wrinkly, pointy soles and toes and can find no reason why anyone wouldn't want to worship them. Honey agrees to the worship with Khloe and they lay back to have some fun. Khloe is awestruck by Honey's sole and lays her tongue firmly on it, licking passionately the girls lay there for a while totally devouring each others' feet with pure joy. When they're done Honey thinks that its time to call Indica on the carpet. Indica comes in only to find her friend smelling one of Honey's heels. She's surprised and confused and then Honey reveals the earrings. Indica immediately begins to beg and apologize. Honey chastises her for it and also for ignoring her friend Khloe's feet. Indica wants to make it right and Honey tells her a good start would be to worship Khloe's feet and hers as well. Indica, fearing the loss of her job, dives and and passionately eats all four feet leaving them completely DRENCHED! The little submissive maid Indica is so desperate she knows she worshipping their feet to save her job but also enjoying it in the process. The girls are totally satisfied and now it's time for Khloe to get some of Indica's feet while Honey does the same. They lick and suck and nibble Indica's feet with great passion. In the end Honey feels a little punishment is still in order and the girls give her a little tickle torture to remind her who's boss! HOT!

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