IWantFeet – I’m So Confused

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OMG this scene is SO FREAKING COOL and SEXY!!! Something so wonderfully unique!!!! ;-)~ You need to look at the ENTIRE GIF to see the stages of this sexy foot worship! Honey is looking sooooo freaking hot with her socks and ballet flats on! Sexy foot loving maniac Crash just cannot take it!!! She WANTS those feet! She gets on the bed after removing her insane shoes and sneaks up with a look of desire toward Honey’s sprite little feet! She wants to PLAY!!! She plays “grab the shoe” and off comes Honey’s ballet flat! Honey tries to run as Crash giggles in a playful way as she chases her acrossed the bed. Honey grabs her shoe back and puts it back on! Crash is almost intoxicated with desire for Honey’s feet. She goes after another shoe and gets it off! Honey relents and lays down putting her socked feet up for Crash. “Why do you want to play with my feet so bad?”. Crash explains that she just can’t resist those sexy high arches and incredible toe point that YOU JUST DON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE! 😉 She slowly removes the first sock revealing Honey’s sexy sole to play with and Crash does so in a way only a TRUE foot lover can! She sucks and licks it gently before giving it a few tickles and coveting it a bit! Then the other sock is removed and Crash climbs on to enjoy Honey’s feet! NO!!! Honey protests that this is WRONG! “We shouldn’t do this!!” She soooo confused. She WANTS it but she doesn’t! It feels soooooo good! Crash won’t let it end and she grabs her foot and eats it some more breaking her down. Eventually Crash pulls her feet to the edge of the bed making Honey put her heavenly sexy bare pointed wrinkly soles up for Crash to devour!!! Crash licks them insatiably until they are totally WET! Honey can’t take it and want to be more involved so she sits up and jams her foot into Crash’s mouth who happily accepts. Then after a bit Honey admits that she never thought she’d say it but “I want your feet!” and starts to eat Crash’s sexy soft wrinkly bare soles! They both eat away into foot worship heaven! Enjoy!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 31:25

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