IWantFeet – I Need That Appointment

Heidi is sitting patiently in her Doctor's office when nurse Lexi comes out to greet her. Unfortunately she has bad news. Lexi explains that the Dr is behind and overbooked and that Heidi just isn't going to get in today. Heidi is beside herself. She really needs that appointment and it's gotta be today. She tells Lexi desperately that she really has to have the appointment today! She begs Lexi telling her she'll do anything. Lexi confirms, "anything?" and Heidi says yes. Lexi says well you could worship my feet. Heidi is stunned, she's speechless. She doesn't know what to say. Heidi's lack of understanding is clear so Lexi explains what it is she wants done. Heidi is still shocked but knows she's GOT to have the appt so she agrees. Lexi lays on her stomach and gives Heidi her tiny, super wrinkly, pointed little feet and looks back over her shoulder to explain that she must like it and she must believe that Heidi's enjoying too. Heidi starts slow and timid but Lexi doesn't allow that for long. She instructs Heidi to be more aggressive and Heidi really does. Before long Heidi's sexy tongue is bathing Lexi's entire wrinkly soles with her saliva and Heidi's worship IS REALLY HOTT! She is passionately licking up and down her deeply arched, super wrinkly feet as the moans of plesaure begin to seep out of both of them, VERY SEXY! Heidi licks and sucks and kisses Lexi's super sexy feet, devouring them with a slow determined passion that will drive you insane! This goes on for a long time but before Lexi can tell Heidi she's done a good job Dacy enters the waiting room, "what are you doing?"…….How will the girls explain this one?

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