IWantFeet – Foot Massage Turns To Lovin’

Kessa comes home from work, exhausted. She drops on the bed to rest her legs and feet which she’s be on all day. Dre comes in to say hi and begins to chat with her roommate. Kessa talks about how bad her feet hurt and Dre laughs at her for even wearing the heels she chose to work in all day. Dre feels bad and offers her friend a massage. She removes Kessa’s shoes and begins to massage them nicely as Kessa is clearly enjoying the massage. Dre, overcome with desire, begins to place light kisses on Kessa’s soles. Kessa doesn’t seem to mind and even seems to really be enjoying it. Dre sees an opening to take advantage of the situation and sits up so she can dive in and get more aggressive. Without discussion Dre begins to devour her roommate’s bare feet! As the passion builds Dre decides she wants to be in a different position and literally drags Kessa’s feet to the edge of the bed so she can really go after her wrinkly soles. Dre makes Kessa’s soles GLISTEN with the moisture from her passionate worship! Kessa loves it so much that she wants to return the favor. Kessa starts off conservative as she tries to keep her desires under control. That doesn’t last long and Kessa really begins to get after Dre’s bare, wrinkly soles! Kessa gets Dre’s soles nice and JUICY with her saliva as she sucks her feet feverishly. Love watching two girls get really passionate after each others’ feet? This is it! Enjoy!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 19:52

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