IWantFeet – Dr Boxx’s Devious Plan

So when we left Dixie and Dre they were hot and heavy into each others' feet trying desperately to satisfy an insatiable desire! Dr Boxx walks in on the two and has a shocked look on her face. She tries to break up the action and get the girls to stop but no matter what she says the girls ignore her. Dr Boxx then reaches in her bra and pulls out a syringe. She leans in to Dixie to administer the mysterious injection and when she does Dixie bats her arm away. The syringe plunges into Dr Boxx's leg and she falls to the floor. Dr Boxx displays a look of frustration along with an attitude of acceptance as to impending effects of the serum she was inadvertently injected with. In seconds Dr Boxx looks with wild desire at her own foot. Removing her shoe and taking a whiff she then pulls up her foot and begins to feverishly worship her own foot!!! She's going wild with desire attacking her own feet and Dre and Dixie can't help but notice. The girls sit up in amazement as they look on to see their respectable, conservative doctor become an insanely driven lover of her own feet. The girls notice the syringe that they didn't see before. They realize that something is going on and get up to scour the office for an explanation leaving us to watch Dr Boxx devour her feet. After a while the girls return with answers and more syringes. It seems Dr Boxx first gets the girls hooked on feet with her foot fetish serum. Then when they come in for treatment she converts them to a serum that makes them insane with desire for Dr Boxx's feet. It's quite genius on Dr Boxx's part. She is developing a bevy of slaves to her feet. Unfortunately this time it backfired. The girls decide that they really don't want to rid themselves of their desires for feet and would like some attention from the doctor herself. They inject her with the basic serum and then display their feet as the call Dr Boxx in to them like a cat to milk. Dr Boxx's desires turn towards both ladies' feet and she goes to town! Licking, nibbling, sniffing, sucking and biting all four feet as if she's insane with foot fetish desires. The worship goes on for a while before the girls realize they're in Dr Boxx's office and she must have appointments that are going to show up. They take their feet away from Dr Boxx who reluctantly stops worshipping as the girls try to get her to come around. They know for sure that they both want follow up appointments for a future date!

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