IWantFeet – Doctor, I Hate Feet!

We know we say this a lot but seriously, you don't want to miss this one. An unbelievably sexy custom that will drive you nuts!!! Honey is meeting with the Psychiatrist today. Dr Boxx is going to help her with her phobia. When Honey enters the doctor asks her to lie down on the obligatory "shrinks sofa". Honey begins to tell Dr Boxx about her fear of feet. She doesn't like them and she doesn't like anyone touching or even looking at her feet. Dr Boxx is taken aback and surprised a bit as she herself has a bit of a foot fetish. She teases Honey a bit slipping off a shoe and putting her foot in her face. She even touches her with her beautiful stockinged foot. Honey is frozen in fear. Dr Boxx admits to acting unprofessionally and stops. She tells Honey she can help her with special therapy. Using a pendant Dr Boxx puts Honey in a deep sleepy trance. Dr Boxx was staring at Honey's feet from the very beginning and wants to take advantage of this opportunity. She programs her to do anything she tells her to do and also ensures that Honey will have no memory of it. Dr Boxx begins to worship Honey's sexy shoes a bit before removing them one at a time for a deep whiff and a very long sexy foot worshipping. First one foot, then the other, the doctor takes her time. Dr Boxx doesn't just have a little foot fetish SHE HAS A RAVENOUS FOOT FETISH! Watching Dr Boxx devour Honey's feet is AMAZING!! The sexy doctor even gives Honey commands as she worships so that Honey's feet are just as she wants them. Dr Boxx says "point" and Honey points her toes as she admires and worships her wrinkly soles. She then commands "arch" and Honey pushes her foot out to accentuate her arches so that Dr Boxx can have her way. After a very long and very sexy worship Dr Boxx programs her to be infatuated with the doctor's feet and that she'll have no memory of anything that just happened. When Honey awakens she can't wait to get her hands on Dr Boxx's feet. She initially licks and sucks on her stocking covered feet before pulling off her stockings so that she can revel in the doctor's bare soles and toes! Dr Boxx is loving it and wants more of Honey's feet as they both lay mutually worshipping each others' bare soles and sexy toes. Incredibly, incredibly sexy.

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