IWantFeet – Caught By The Stepmom

Nicole can't help it. She loves her friend Taylor's feet. Unfortunately her friend is unaware. The next best thing she can do is just fantasize while she lays around smelling Taylor's shoes and dreaming about having them. Nicole gets caught up in her fantasy and doesn't realize her stopmom has come in the room. MILF Nikki comes in to the room and stands there for just a minute to make sure she's seeing what she thinks she is. When she interrupts her, Nicole is caught off guard and really has not explanation. Nicole bears her soul to her stepmom telling her that she has a foot fetish and is infatuated with her friend Taylor's feet but is afraid to tell her about it for fear she'll think she's weird. Acting motherly, Nikki sits on the bed and reassures her that it's okay to feel what she's feeling and that maybe she should take a chance. Nicole isn't so sure. To make her feet better Nikki tells Nicole that she herself has been taking notice of Nicole's feet since moving in and she also likes feet. Nicole is a little bit stunned by this but admits that she's also noticed her stepmom's sexy feet. MILF Nikki sees that an opportunity exists here and sheepishly suggests that maybe………maybe Nicole would like to play with her feet. Nicole smiles with tempered excitement and says "we can't tell dad". MILF Nikki agrees that they should keep it quiet. What ensues is a VERY PASSIONATE, highly charged foot worship session between stepmother and daughter!!! The girls GET VERY EXCITED as they devour each others' feet!! During a long session of very sexy, passionate foot worship they don't notice Taylor enter the room. Taylor asks giggling with a puzzled look what they're doing? "Are you guys licking and sucking on each others' feet?" Taylor asks. The girls are caught off guard and are frozen. Frozen until Taylor says "……..AND you didn't invite me?!?!?!". At that point the girls know Taylor is down for some feet herself! Nicole is obviously elated and MILF Nikki wants to get at Taylor's feet too! The girls all get on the bed for a three way foot worship that is VERY hot! In the end MILF Nikki asks the girls…."Does this make me a bad mommy?" LOL! The girls all laugh and dive back into some feet!!! Super sexy stuff!!!

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