IWantFeet – Brats Blackmail The Maid

Ridiculously hot scene!! Mandy and Chandler were out partying all night! They get home late and are tired so they flop on the sofa to unwind. The girls agree that what would be fantastic is some hot foot worship but they’re both so tired neither really has the energy to “give”. What a dilemma! Total brats for sure, only wanting their needs served and not wanting to give anything to get it. Mandy’s family is very well off and being the bratty little snot that she is she quickly forms a plan to take advantage of the maid. Her mother’s maid is actually about the same age as these two girls and Mandy knows she needs her job. She also knows that her mom’s maid has a little thing for partying. When she poses the plan to Chandler to have the maid worship their feet Chandler asks incredulously how she’s going to get that to happen. Mandy, rich brat that she is, tells Chandler not to worry and the maid will definitely do as she’s told. “Maid!! Slave!! Come in here!!!”, Mandy calls out in a condescending tone. Dallas, the maid, arrives to see what’s going on. She informs Mandy that she is her mother’s employee and does as her mother says and she’s not there to service Mandy. Mandy begs to differ and tells Dallas that she’s going to do as she’s told because Mandy smelled a funny smell coming from the maids quarters the other night. Dallas denies any wrong doing and Mandy asks her if she could pass a drug test!! “Mommy WILL give you a drug test if she thinks you’re doing drugs. Mommy will listen to me. It’s my word against yours!” Dallas knows this little brat and her friend have her in a bad spot. She begs Mandy not to tell on her as she can’t lose her job. Mandy reassures her she won’t tell but she has to do something for them. “Worship our feet!” Dallas isn’t thrilled at all but she knows the little brats will tell on her. The girls tell her to get down and remove their shoes. Mandy and Chandler sit there looking on as Dallas begins to worship. Mandy tells her to put more passion into it. As Dallas reluctantly worships the girls start to get hot and bother and begin to passionately make out while the maid is licking Mandy’s bare soles! The girls giggle and make out while Dallas is forced to worship both girls feet, licking and sucking and kissing them as they occasionally bark orders at her and laugh between making out passionately! After a VERY LONG worship of both girls they start to really get worked up and send the maid away so that they can have some private time. The next day the girls feel a little bit bad about their behaviour and go to the maid’s quarters to apologzie to Dallas. This apology, of course, includes some hot two on one foot worship on Dallas’s sexy tiny wrinkly soles and toes! This is a seriously sexy scene!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 39:30

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