IWantFeet – After Dance Class We Worship

In this sexy custom video you’ll meet hot newcomer Sami. An extremely unique girl and kind of Honey’s alter ego. Jet black brunette, some tattoos and at 5’7″ taller than Honey with an extremely different look to her. However, even with that height, Sami just like Honey has incredible tiny size 5 feet with deep arches and incredible wrinkles from her many years of dance training. They enter after dance class and sit on the bed talking about how incredible their feet are while putting on a little display with them. After some talk, Honey springs a question on Sami not knowing how she’ll react. Honey asks if she could worship her feet. Sami, much to Honey’s excitement, gets very excited and tells Honey she was just about to ask her the very same thing. Honey jumps at the chance and so Sami provides Honey with her feet and Honey wastes no time getting down to business. Honey immediately removes Sami’s little dance slippers and lays into her sexy feet. Dragging her tongue into Sami’s very deep and very wrinkly arches, from toe to heel, it’s not long before Sami’s feet are very moist. Honey gives her a wonderful passionate worship of her soles before Sami rolls over and Honey goes to the toes. Then Sami wants her shot. She devours Honey’s feet leaving no doubt that she wasn’t lying when she said she was thinking of worshipping Honey’s feet before Honey even brought it up. Long licks up Honey’s sexy, wrinkly soles and deep sucking on her toes leaves Honey pretty worked up. So much so that Honey asks if they can do it again after dance class tomorrow! Really HOTT feet here, worshipped the way they should be.

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 28:32

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