IWantFeet – A Runner, A Secretary & A Ballerina

***Super super hot video that is VERY LONG. We’ve made it so that you can download the entire video, just the smelling portion, or just the worship portion! Obivously downloading the entire video is cheaper than downloading each part individually. Enjoy!!!***Honey gets back from a long run huffing and puffing. She’s tired from her workout. She sits on the sofa and calls Jamie asking where she is. Jamie’s on her way but it’ll be a little while so Honey has time to relax. Honey decides to use her time wisely and sits down to remove her sweaty feet from her running shoes and spend some quality time soaking up the scent. She sniffs her own shoes and socks and feet until she on the sofa with her shoes and socks right under her nose. Jamie arrives home to find Honey . The scent of her feet have filled the room. Jamie gently pulls one of the shoes off the sofa and takes a good whiff. Honey awakens and sees Jamie. Overcome with desire Jamie climbs on top of Honey and begins to smell her still stinky warm bare feet. Honey knows Jamie’s been at work in her heels all day and so she removes one to smell while Jamie smells her feet. Eventually Honey wants Jamie’s foot scent and so the girls switch places. Honey climbs on Jamie and begins to deeply smell her feet for a long time. They don’t notice but their other roommate Sara Liz comes home after ballet practice. She comes in to see the girls smelling away and confesses she likes it too! She points out that after ballet practice in her old slippers her feet have acquired quite a scent. Sara Liz gets on the floor to take the feet of both girls while each of them take one of her feet. The smell her stinky tights before pulling them over her toes to get after her bare feet!!! After more serious smelling, Sara Liz tells the girls she likes licking too and they should go to the bedroom to lick the sweat and smell off of each others’ feet. The girls do so and move on to the bedroom. Two on one each girl gets a turn as they each take turns pairing up on one of the other girl’s feet to suck and lick and nibble and kiss. The girls are really worked up now and are passionately loving each others’ feet! A trio of lovely ladies loving the scent and taste of each others’ hard day! HOT!!!

Duration: 58:00
Size: 1 395,643 Mb

Download – A Runner, A Secretary & A Ballerina

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