IWantFeet – A Bonus From The Boss!

THIS IS SOOOOO SEXY! I mean think about it. A lowly little cleaning girl getting her feet ravished by a high level manager at her company. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s back up. Danica is working at her desk when Ava the cleaning girl comes in to do her usual cleaning job. Danica pushes back from her desk and inquires, since it’s the holidays, if Ava had received a bonus for the holidays. Ava says no but doesn’t seemed bother by it. She says that she really does care and didn’t expect anything. Danica says, in a sympathetic tone, that she thinks that everyone deserves something and that she wants to give her a little bonus. She asks Ava to sit on the desk and she does. Danica grabs her ankle kind of forcefully and pulls her close. She begins to remove her shoe and Ava says that she really doesn’t want to do that as she wears them to clean in every day. Danica insists she doesn’t mind and begins to massage each foot and then remove the socks. Once she has bare feet in her lap Danica goes to town! She takes to licking and kissing Ava’s sexy bare feet as she lays back on the desk and melts into the pleasureable sensations. Danica ravishes her feet but isn’t satisfied. She gets Ava onto her chair as she kneels on the floor to go crazy on Ava’s sexy wrinkly bare soles. It’s so sexy to see a highly paid upper level manager on her knees licking the hard working soles of a lowly cleaning girl!! Danica laps up her wrinkly soles getting them wet and GLISTENING from her saliva as it washes over her wrinkles! A wonderful gift for the holidays…..for everyone!!!

Duration: 16:45
Size: 500,484 Mb

Download – A Bonus From The Boss!

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