FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – When Honey Worshiped Sally! (A Foot Fetish Fantasy)

Sally D’Angelo is a harsh, no-nonsense executive, who likes have her way with her sexy secretary, Honey. On this particular evening, Sally demands that Honey put in some extra hours … servicing her tired, aching feet!

Honey removes Sally’s shoes and massages her boss’ sweaty, nylon-clad feet. But, apparently Honey likes the smell of Sally’s stinky, stocking soles and begins to sniff them, passionately! Sally had no idea her assistant was so kinky … but she likes it, and demands more, as she takes a business phone call!

The nylon foot love continues as Sally is so aroused by her foot-pampering secretary that she orders her to lick her silk-covered soles and toes! Honey hungrily licks Sally’s hot, sweaty feet and enjoys it every bit as much as Sally does! Honey may be working overtime, but it looks like there won’t be much work being done, tonight!

Duration: 22:07.492
Size: 846,596 Mb

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