FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Great Foot Magic Swindle! Pt 1 Foot-Worshipped Woozy!

Business shark, Mikayla Miles, has just had another successful day, acquiring clients. Mind you, she may have lied about one of her competitors, to land her last deal, but all’s fair, in business negotiation, right? Now, she sits at home, exhausted and with sore, aching feet. As a treat to herself, she calls a luxury service, called ‘Foot Magic’, for a massage and a special treat!

The special treat comes in the form of Dacey Harlot, a beautiful masseuse, who has a serious foot fetish! Not only does she give Mikayla’s big, size 16 feet a relaxing massage, but she also lavishes affection on them, in the form of a very seductive foot worship session! Mikayla is not only soothed, but very turned on, caught somewhere between wanting to go to rest and wanting to keep Dacey around for an extended period of time!

However, for now, Dacey allows Mikayla an evening’s rest, by letting the sole licking, toe-sucking ecstasy give way to a gentle massage, causing the sexy Amazon to drift off to dreamland. But, what happens, when Mikayla wakes up and discovers Dacey’s little secret?

Duration: 16:34.727
Size: 637,402 Mb

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