FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Hiii Yah Hahaha! Pt 6 Master of Foot Worship

Tae Kwon Do instructor, Macy Cartel’s new student, Dacey is kinda clueless. She doesn’t know how to bow and she’s wearing shoes on the training floor! Macy decides to teach Dacey the consequences of her actions, by disciplining her.

First, she makes Dacey do pushups and placing her bare feet right where Dacey’s nose will be, as she’s coming down. When smart-ass Dacey mentions that it smells like it’s “cheese and frito time” Macy amps things up … by roughing Dacey up and putting her stinky Tae Kwon toes in Dacey’s smart mouth! In no time, she has the bratty, clueless student full-on worshiping her sweaty feet!

Dacey licks Macy’s soles and toes and sucks on her heel, as Macy instructs her on how to use her mouth to do something other than get her into trouble! But, even Dacey has her limit to how much foot-licking and toe-sucking she can handle! What happens when the rebellious student finally bites Macy’s big toe, in defiance? Find out now!

Duration: 18:46.325
Size: 725,163 Mb

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