FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Face Full O’ Feet! Pt. 1 Macy and Alexa!

Alexa J. is an awesome ticklee, but this time, you get to witness her domme side! She has Macy Cartel bound and gagged on the floor, completely at her mercy. She then walks up, removes her stinky shoes and puts them right in Macy’s face!

Macy writhes and tries to avoid it, but her ordeal isn’t over yet! Soon, it’s Alexa’s socks and then her hot, sweaty, bare feet that Macy has to endure! Alexa takes a seat and puts her moist, stinky feet on Macy’s face as muffled screams come through Macy’s gag! And it looks like Alexa’s gotten pretty comfortable, so she may be there for a while!

Duration: 15:38.771
Size: 766,579 Mb

Download – Face Full O’ Feet! Pt. 1 Macy and Alexa!

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