FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Dacey’s Foot Worship Apology!

Last time around, Dacey Harlot foot-tickled sexy Amazon, Ivy Secret into begging and pleading. Dacey knows that we subsist on the concept of tickle revenge, so she’s trying to get out of it. Fortunately for her, she’s very good at worshiping feet, and Ivy has a very big pair of them!

Dacey licks Ivy’s long, size 11 soles and sucks on each of her long, luscious toes. She still has to be mindful not to touch Ivy’s feet the wrong way, with her long, pointy fingernails, but all in all, it’s a welcome break from the tickle Ivy had to endure, last time. Now, it’s just Dacey’s warm, drooling tongue, bathing her tired, sensitive feet! Mmmmm!

Looks like Dacey has sole-licked and toe-sucked her way out of being tickled … this time!

Duration: 14:16.522
Size: 544,209 Mb

Download – Dacey’s Foot Worship Apology!

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