FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Captain Marvel’s Crazed Foot Fan!

DISNEY/MARVEL PARODY! CUSTOM VIDEO: Captain Marvel returns home from an exhausting deep space mission, only to find crazed fan girl, Kitty Quinn, in her living room, sniffing her spare pair of boots! Weirded out and thoroughly annoyed, the cosmic-powered heroine prepares to throw her out, just as Kitty hands her a gift. The gift is a trap, however, and Captain Marvel soon finds herself powerless and at Kitty’s mercy!

In no time, Kitty has Captain Marvel tied up and gagged with one of her own stinky socks! She props the sexy superheroine’s feet up on a chair and begins sniffing her socked feet! And soon after, both socks are removed and Kitty worships Captain Marvel’s bare feet! She licks the entire length of the tall blonde’s size 9.5 soles as muffled protests escape through her gagged mouth!

Try as she might, Captain Marvel can’t escape. She’s too weakened and without her powers, even a nutty fan girl like Kitty can easily overpower her … and apparently have her way with her feet! Can our heroine escape? Will Kitty be blasted into atoms, for such an effrontery? Find out now, in this hilarious, customer-written foot fantasy!

Duration: 20:22.654
Size: 994,225 Mb

Download – Captain Marvel’s Crazed Foot Fan!

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