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MyDollParts – Lesbian Goddess Worship

This Goddess is waited on hand and foot and on this beautiful summer day when I arrive home in a flowing gown and stiletto heels my house servant is ready and waiting to do her duties. She is attentive in every way looking at me longingly with lust while she undresses me carefully. She worships the ground I walk on literally by worshiping my perfect high arched feet. She touches me gracefully and she redresses me into my ‘house clothes’ which of course would be nothing more than sexy lingerie complete with stockings. Then it is time for me to relax while she kisses and licks the entirety of my feet!

Duration: 12:41.633
Size: 285,048 Mb

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MyDollParts – Business Trip Turns Kinky

We’ve just arrived at the hotel for our business trip but your room isn’t ready, so you’ve come to mine. If you are going to be invading my space you certainly are going to do what I say, you are my assistant after all! So I’m going to slip off my shoes and you are going to massage my pantyhose feet! Get in there, massage the balls of my feet, my high arches, my heels and between my toes! Let me just lay back, relax and rest for a bit! Don’t sniff my feet, don’t be a creep … if you can’t keep your mouth to yourself you will find yourself in a new position to Me … test your luck and see what happens!

Duration: 11:19.178
Size: 433,987 Mb

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TAWorship – Scent Of Hooters

Honey is back in the workforce and has a new job at Hooters. She is exhausted and her feet are really sore. She takes a nap but once she takes her shoes off, the scent of her feet travels throughout the apartment and Ari cannot resist. She starts to worship napping Honey but Honey soon wakes up but she doesn’t mind at all, she could use some pampering after a long day at work.

Duration: 15:07.373
Size: 743,247 Mb

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