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TAWorship – Fetish Gene

Honey invites her friend Nyxon over to discuss her son's behavior. It seems that Nyxon's son is obsessed with Honey's daughter's feet and she wants Nyxon to have a talk with him. Honey is clueless about foot fetish stuff and assumes that Nyxon's husband must have a foot fetish and that is why her son has one too. Nyxon explains that she thought the fetish gene skipped a generation but she is in fact the one with the foot fetish. Honey is a little surprised to learn that a woman can have a foot fetish and Nyxon is eager to show her! Honey is skeptical at first but soon learns the secret pleasure she has always yearned for as Nyxon strokes her soles, arches and toes with her skillful tongue.

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TAWorship – What Friends Are For

Bratty Maria Marley loves to walk around barefoot, she knows it drives her friend Bella crazy to see her sexy soles. But Maria isn't that cruel, she won't deny her friend what she wants, besides she really loves having her feet pampered.

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IWantFeet – Poison Ivy Plotting A Coup

Hold onto your butts!!! This is one SUPER sexy video that kicks off a three part scene. Poison Ivy is at it again!!! She's the mayor and aims to get her under Poison's spell. You see Poison knows that she'll never get into power politically in the city. The only option she has to rob the city blind and gain access to it's wealth and control of its resources is with inside help. The Mayor, Honey, is the best way to do that. Of course, this is going to take some serious powers of persuasion and Poison knows just how to do it. We find the Mayor tied up in Poison's hide out. Poison explains to Honey what she wants and as expected Honey refuses to help her. Unforunately she's in no position to resist Poison. Poison explains that for her it's a win-win situation. Poison absolutely LOVES beautiful female feet and it just so happens that it's a great part of the body to use to infuse her mind bending powers! Mayor Honey, muffled through her gag, tells Poison that it won't work but Poison knows otherwise! She removes the sexy Mayor's shoes to bare her beautiful feet. What a wonderful little bonus, getting to have your way with such a powerful and beautiful woman's feet. Poison takes one of the Mayor's toes in her mouth and immediately she begins to break her down! Honey tries to resist but with each long lick of her sexy bare soles and deep sucking of her beautiful toes only serves to weaken the Mayor. As Poison enjoys her work the Mayor becomes weaker and begins to turn into one of her minions! Poison can tell that the Mayor is broken so she removes the gag before moving on to her other foot so she can listen to the proud Mayor as she moans under the touch of Poison's mouth on her feet! As Poison enjoys her spoils, she hears a noise so she quickly hides in case it's the authorities. It is! Sexy chief Lela enters the room and rushes to the Mayor's side. They Mayor is deleriously saying Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy due to being overwhelmed and Tipsy with her powers of worship. Lela shakes her trying to get the Mayor to come around. Lela tells her she knows it's Poison and asks where she is. Lela doesn't see the knock out blow coming from Poison as she sneaks up from behind. Another bonus!!! Lela comes to, bound face down in horizontal stocks. Her feet sticking straight up and totally vulnerable to Poison. Lela is angry and threatens Poison but Poison knows she can do nothing. As Poison removes the shoes of Lela she notices that Lela is particular threatened by it. She can tell that it's already a weak spot for the sexy cop! Lela tells her she'll never give in but as soon as Poison's lips wrap around her sexy toes Lela's resistance is all but gone! Licking and sucking on Lela's sexy, pointy, wrinkly soles and little toes brings Poison great. Beautiful feet to worship and having control of the Mayor and the Chief is about the best scenario she could ever want! Poison's coup is well under way and she's got all the power she needs for it! What'll happen next?!?!?! What effect with this spell have on the two heroines? Tune in next time!!!

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IWantFeet – Oh Yes I Can!

Awesome forced worship custom!!! We enter to see the always beautiful Honey sitting on her bed, reading quietly. Her roommate Jessica enters and climbs on the bed with Honey. She positions herself so that Honey's feet are close to her face and within reach. Honey is more interested in reading as she dangles, flips and pops her feet in and out of her ballet flats. Her amazing and revealing shoe play is driving Jessica crazy and Jessica reaches out to touch Honey's feet. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, Honey knows what Jessica is doing and moves her feet out of reach as she smiles an evil smile. Jessica offers a nice foot rub but Honey declines. "I'm not really into you touching my feet. I know you have a weird foot thing and I don't really want to be any part of it." Honey is VERY aware of Jessica's attraction to feet and doesn't share her enthusiasm for it. What Honey also knows is that what she's doing is torturing Jessica and so she continues with her evil teasing shoe play, loving every minute of the torment she's putting Honey through. Jessica makes a move again and Honey again dodges it. Jessica then decides to leave the room. After leaving Honey comments to herself that Jessica won't be getting any of her feet but if she returns Honey will definitely continue to tease, torment and deny Jessica any shot at her feet. Jessica does return, holding something suspiciously behind her back. When she moves past Honey and out of her view she pounces on Honey knocking her out with something 🙂 Jessica is about to have her way with Honey's feet. Honey awakens to find her feet duct taped to the and of the bed with her soles up in the air. Her hands are duct taped behind her back and there has also been some tape placed over her mouth. Jessica begins to enjoy her victory and plans on taking a nice long time with Honey's feet. She first partially removes her shoes so she can take a nice whiff of her feet and shoes at the same time. Then Jessica removes her shoe so she can bury her nose in it. After doing the same with both feet she then begins to rub her face on Honey's bare soles and buries her nose in Honey's toes taking huge whiffs of her sweet smelling feet! Jessica spends a very long time kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking Honey's feet until they're nice and moist. Honey struggles and complains under her gag but there is nothing she can do. After a long session of completely devouring her feet Jessica moves up to Honey's head. Tay happens in to see what's going on. She's shocked as Jessica tells her she did this to Honey because Honey wouldn't let her play with her feet as she doesn't like it. Tay, instead of helping Honey, joins Jessica and helps her as she tries to make Honey learn to like feet. Jessica takes off her sock and gets on her knees on the bed. Tay lifts Honey's head by her hair as Jessica places her wrinkly soles right in front of Honey. Tay then takes Honey's head and forces it down on Jessica's sexy soles making her breath in Jessica's feet! They then remove the tape and force Honey to spend a little time licking and sucking on Jessica's feet! Honey is powerless to stop Jessica and she knows for sure now that when she tells Jessica she can't have her feet, Jessica will simply say OH YES I CAN!

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Duration: 25:53.300
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IWantFeet – I’m So Confused

OMG this scene is SO FREAKING COOL and SEXY!!! Something so wonderfully unique!!!! ;-)~ You need to look at the ENTIRE GIF to see the stages of this sexy foot worship! Honey is looking sooooo freaking hot with her socks and ballet flats on! Sexy foot loving maniac Crash just cannot take it!!! She WANTS those feet! She gets on the bed after removing her insane shoes and sneaks up with a look of desire toward Honey's sprite little feet! She wants to PLAY!!! She plays "grab the shoe" and off comes Honey's ballet flat! Honey tries to run as Crash giggles in a playful way as she chases her acrossed the bed. Honey grabs her shoe back and puts it back on! Crash is almost intoxicated with desire for Honey's feet. She goes after another shoe and gets it off! Honey relents and lays down putting her socked feet up for Crash. "Why do you want to play with my feet so bad?". Crash explains that she just can't resist those sexy high arches and incredible toe point that YOU JUST DON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE! 😉 She slowly removes the first sock revealing Honey's sexy sole to play with and Crash does so in a way only a TRUE foot lover can! She sucks and licks it gently before giving it a few tickles and coveting it a bit! Then the other sock is removed and Crash climbs on to enjoy Honey's feet! NO!!! Honey protests that this is WRONG! "We shouldn't do this!!" She soooo confused. She WANTS it but she doesn't! It feels soooooo good! Crash won't let it end and she grabs her foot and eats it some more breaking her down. Eventually Crash pulls her feet to the edge of the bed making Honey put her heavenly sexy bare pointed wrinkly soles up for Crash to devour!!! Crash licks them insatiably until they are totally WET! Honey can't take it and want to be more involved so she sits up and jams her foot into Crash's mouth who happily accepts. Then after a bit Honey admits that she never thought she'd say it but "I want your feet!" and starts to eat Crash's sexy soft wrinkly bare soles! They both eat away into foot worship heaven! Enjoy!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 916 kbps, 29.001 fps
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Duration: 31:25.958
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TAWorship – The Masseuse

Honey has hired a masseuse for her tired body and feet and young Naomi shows up a little late. Honey is annoyed and Naomi is eager to please her client and make it up to her. She starts off on Honey's feet but has also forgot her massage oil so she decides to use some saliva instead. Honey likes it a lot and Naomi just starts to go to work on Honey's gorgeous feet, devouring and soaking them for the entire video.

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Duration: 28:06.685
Size: 1 381,632 Mb

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TAWorship – Personally Invested

Principal Honey is personally invested in her students, that is her bonus at the end of the school year depends on how well her students perform. Naomi is almost a lost cause but Honey is not going to let one brat ruin her end of year bonus so she has devised an effective punishment throughout her career. She binds Naomi's wrists and ankles and will teach her some humility by having her worship her principal's feet. At first she doesn't get it but soon finds herself surrendering to her own foot lust and to Honey's.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6773 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 17:18.370
Size: 854,342 Mb

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TAWorship – Country Girl

Naomi wants to go out and Honey being a country girl at heart planned an evening at a country western bar. Naomi doesn't have any western style clothes and definitely has no boots but she has a better idea for some entertainment tonight! She takes off Honey's boots and gets to work slobbering all over her gorgeous arches and wrinkles.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6722 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 16:08.000
Size: 790,512 Mb

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IWantFeet – It’s Not Nice To Be A Tease!

Honey & Nadia are just hanging out watching some television. Nadia is awaiting the arrival of her friend Danica. Honey mentions that she's noticed that Danica is always staring at her feet when she comes over. Nadia denies that her friend does anything of that sort and that even if she did what was the big deal anyway? Honey says that when Dancia arrives she's going to purposely move close to her and tease her with her feet to torment her. Honey is so evil. Nadia doesn't want her to and tries to grab her, but when Danica arrives sure enough Honey moves over to the other sofa, lays on her stomach bringing her feet up, essentially, right in Danica's face. She flips, dips and dangles her shoes with an evil grin, knowing Danica can help but see her feet. Nadia looks on helpless to do anything about the torment her friend is going through. After a long time of teasing Danica, Honey says she has stuff to do and heads off to her room. Nadia moves over next to Danica on the sofa. She tells Danica that if there's anything she wants to talk about Nadia's there for her. Nadia pushes the issue telling Danica she knows about her liking feet and she likes feet too. Nadia takes Danica's hand and puts it on her foot encouraging the Danica to caress it. Danica begins to lovingly rub her foot as Nadia moves to embrace her with a little kiss. Danica is comments that she's worried about her roommate and Nadia tells her that there's something she needs to know about her roommate!! Nadia leans in to whisper. What she tells her in that whisper is that she actually has a spell on Honey and can make her do pretty much anything, especially anything with feet. The girls giggle and they're off to Honey's room. The come in to lay next to Honey who is reading. After a brief, and somewhat sarcastic exchange from Honey Nadia asks Honey a strange question. "Is Honey sweet?", immediately Honey drops her reading material and stares off as if she were in a trance. "Yes, Honey is very sweet", she replies. Nadia asks another question, "Does Honey like feet?" to which Honey says, "Honey looves feet!". Nadia smiles at Danica knowing that Honey is primed to allow the girls to do whatever they wish and that's exactly what they do. Both girls share a foot and go to town worshipping Honey's wrinkly, pointy, sexy bare feet! One foot then the other the girls devour Honey's feet stopping only for a loving embrace as they can't help but kiss a little while worshipping Honey's feet. After a long worship, Nadia has another surprise. She asks Danica if she would like Honey to worship her feet? Danica is definitely interested so Nadia says "Does Honey Like Feet?" Honey replies as before, and then she asks "Does Honey want to worship feet?" to which Honey gives a very clear yes!! She rolls over and takes both girls' feet and goes to town. Nadia and Honey continue to worship Honey's feet while she devours theirs. Once satisfied Nadia has one more bomb to drop. She leans up and asks "Honey, what are you doing?", Honey comes out of her trance violently!! She has feet on her face and in her mouth. "Ewwwwwww!" Honey proclaims as she tries feverishly to wipe off her tongue with her hands. She sits up and asks what is going on? "You guys just come in here and put your feet on my face?" to which Nadia explains that she's been doing it for like 20 minutes and liking. Honey is confused and mad, she leaves the room as the girls just laugh at her! They got what they wanted and maybe Honey learned that it isn't nice to tease!!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4099 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 37:44.177
Size: 1 134,579 Mb

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IWantFeet – After Dance Class We Worship

In this sexy custom video you'll meet hot newcomer Sami. An extremely unique girl and kind of Honey's alter ego. Jet black brunette, some tattoos and at 5'7" taller than Honey with an extremely different look to her. However, even with that height, Sami just like Honey has incredible tiny size 5 feet with deep arches and incredible wrinkles from her many years of dance training. They enter after dance class and sit on the bed talking about how incredible their feet are while putting on a little display with them. After some talk, Honey springs a question on Sami not knowing how she'll react. Honey asks if she could worship her feet. Sami, much to Honey's excitement, gets very excited and tells Honey she was just about to ask her the very same thing. Honey jumps at the chance and so Sami provides Honey with her feet and Honey wastes no time getting down to business. Honey immediately removes Sami's little dance slippers and lays into her sexy feet. Dragging her tongue into Sami's very deep and very wrinkly arches, from toe to heel, it's not long before Sami's feet are very moist. Honey gives her a wonderful passionate worship of her soles before Sami rolls over and Honey goes to the toes. Then Sami wants her shot. She devours Honey's feet leaving no doubt that she wasn't lying when she said she was thinking of worshipping Honey's feet before Honey even brought it up. Long licks up Honey's sexy, wrinkly soles and deep sucking on her toes leaves Honey pretty worked up. So much so that Honey asks if they can do it again after dance class tomorrow! Really HOTT feet here, worshipped the way they should be.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 1089 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 28:32.243
Size: 250,881 Mb

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