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TAWorship – Captured Honey

Regan is sick and tired of her boss treating her badly at work and just generally being abusive. On top of that, Honey is always showing off her feet and knows that Regan has a thing for them. Definitely more than Regan can take so she captures her, binds and gags her, and has her way with Honey's amazing feet. 

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TAWorship – Ballet Lesson

Honey has been giving ballet lessons to her protege Naomi and she is amazed how well Naomi is progressing. Today's lesson is in pointing so Honey shows her some pointing exercises to strengthen her feet and increase flexibility. They take off the ballets shoes and get to it, first a toe spreading exercise and then arching. Naomi cannot resist Honey's bare soles, her amazing arches and gorgeous wrinkly soles. She takes them in her mouth and Naomi gives Honey a lesson in foot worship.

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IWantFeet – The Bitchy Prima Ballerina

The glorious return of Honey!! This is an incredible scene! Having Honey return required a LONG, detailed and very involved scene. There is something here for nearly every foot lover no matter what you like! As you all know Honey is a real life prima ballerina with feet that are unmatched in power and beauty. Well Honey is casting for an understudy for her next show. She's definitely a little bit full of herself and knows that she's a cut above most girls. She's upset with her two finalists that she has to choose from as they're clearly not worthy but, alas, they're the best of what she had to work with. So she brings them to her private studio for a final analysis so she can decide who wins. Lea and Tay come in and stand in front of her as she tells them basically they suck but they're the best of the rest. She has them lay down and show their feet to her as she berates them and points out there shortcomings. After that she says she'll evaluate them one on one. Tay is first and Honey begins to have her fun. She asks Tay if she's willing to do anything to get the part. Tay says, yes anything. Honey tells her to get on her knees as Honey sits down and puts her feet up. She tells tay to first kiss her shoe which Tay reluctantly does. She then tells her to remove her shoe. When Tay reaches for it Honey stops her, "Don't touch it! Never touch my feet, you're not worthy." She has Tay remove it with her teeth. When Tay does she makes a face. Honey asks Tay if her foot has an odor? Tay says yes. Honey tells her that's the smell of perfection and she should get in close and get a good look at her perfect foot. Then she makes her smell it "Bury your nose in there and get a good whiff, I want to hear you smelling it!", Honey commands. Then Honey tells her to worship it. Honey says she needs to do a good job if she wants this part. Tay worships Honey's feet as Honey sits and enjoys for long time. She then sends her away and it's Lea's turn. She does through the same basic evaluation, making Lea do the same things to her other foot. She then calls them both in and says that she can't decide and they both have a chance at the same time to prove themselves. Honey lays on the floor and they devour her soles. This is interrupted by a phone call in which Honey receives the news that the show has been cancelled. She informs the girls that the part is now gone and it was a waste of Honey's time but at least the girls got to be around her feet! The girls are PISSED!!! They went through all that abuse for no reason. They attack Honey getting her on the floor. They spend a long time forcing her to smell their feet, yelling at her, making fun of her "what's the matter princess? You don't like to smell our feet?". They are REALLY MEAN to her and when she talks they shove their feet in her mouth, pinch her nose, foot-gag her and just basically abuse the hell out of her as she wimpers! They eventually make her admit that their feet are better but Honey isn't quick to give in. She does give in eventually after she's totally broken. This is an amazing scene with super hot action and we worked really hard on it for you guys so we hope that you LOVE it!

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TAWorship – Pleasantly Surprised

Regan is hanging out with Honey and both girls are waiting on Naomi who seems to have overslept. Honey was supposed to get her feet worshiped by Naomi but is pleasantly surprised to have Regan ready and waiting and definitely eager!

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IWantFeet – I Want Some White Girl Feet

Here's a VERY sexy scene with a definite edge to it. We need to warn anyone that might be sensitive to a scene with a definite racial overtone to it that they may be offended by this scene. Basketball player Simona wants some feet! But not just any feet she wants the feet of some of the white cheerleaders that cheer at her games. She can no longer afford to be distracted during games by them cheering on the sideline thinking about their soft, wrinkly white girl feet! So using her superior physical strength and athleticism she managed to capture, overpower and bind her two favorite cheerleaders Honey and Indica! She comes in the room very much in command and anticipating the "meal" she's about to have. Bound and gagged the girls protest but that's all they can do. They're in no position to stop Simona from taking what she wants and what she wants is their spoiled little rich white girl feet! She begins by stripping off their shoes and socks taking a whiff of the scent of her prize to come. Once bare Simona dives in and begins to totally devour their toes and soles, eating them with great pleasure. Her desire and satisfaction is clear from the SOAKING she gives their feet. The girls turn from protest to pleasure groans during the process and eventually Honey removes her gag and tells Simona they want to return the favor. Simona maintains her dominance keeping the girls tied as they remove her shoes and socks and begins to eat her feet all the while Simona pointing out they're now worshipping her black feet. To torment them she intermittently tickles them as she makes the lick her soles and suck her toes. She owns these girls now and she knows and loves it!

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IWantFeet – I Overheard You Talking And…

Honey is laying on the bed when sexy Kristina walks in to talk. Kristina is a very shy girl (or so it would seems right now anyway LOL!) and has some trepidation about discussing her issue with Honey but she recently got up the courage. Kristina explains that she overheard a conversation Honey was having with one of her friends. Now she didn't mean to hear and wasn't eavesdropping but she couldn't help but get excited when she heard Honey talking about feet!!! Kristina has always had a thing deep down for feet but has never tried anything and has been too embarrassed to ask anyone or introduce it into any relationship. Now that she feels like it's okay knowing Honey's proclivity towards feet she wanted to bring it up with her. Honey's very excited and invites her to have her feet worshipped to see if what she thinks she's been feeling is actually real for her. Honey goes to work and BOY does she bathe Kristina's feet with her tongue getting all of her VERY sexy wrinkles nice and MOIST! Kristina responds almost immediately as she removes her own other sock and begins to rub her own foot while Honey is worshipping away. Honey takes her time worshipping both feet thoroughly and rolls her over to do Kristina's sexy toes! Kristina is loose and ready to eat some feet and so she wants to get at Honey's!! Kristina removes her socks and BAM! The shyness is totally GONE!! Kristina's love of feet has been totally released and revealed as she lovingly runs her tongue long and slow up Honey's sexy soles and deeply kisses her feet passionately with desire as she totally devours them. Kristina eats Honey's feet for a long satisfying time before she eventually pulls back and says there's definitely no question about it, she likes feet! We think everyone will agree!! It's a long video but honestly we just got so caught up watching suck beautiful feet and beautiful worship LOL!!!

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Duration: 41:33.073
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TAWorship – Fetish Gene

Honey invites her friend Nyxon over to discuss her son's behavior. It seems that Nyxon's son is obsessed with Honey's daughter's feet and she wants Nyxon to have a talk with him. Honey is clueless about foot fetish stuff and assumes that Nyxon's husband must have a foot fetish and that is why her son has one too. Nyxon explains that she thought the fetish gene skipped a generation but she is in fact the one with the foot fetish. Honey is a little surprised to learn that a woman can have a foot fetish and Nyxon is eager to show her! Honey is skeptical at first but soon learns the secret pleasure she has always yearned for as Nyxon strokes her soles, arches and toes with her skillful tongue.

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TAWorship – What Friends Are For

Bratty Maria Marley loves to walk around barefoot, she knows it drives her friend Bella crazy to see her sexy soles. But Maria isn't that cruel, she won't deny her friend what she wants, besides she really loves having her feet pampered.

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IWantFeet – Poison Ivy Plotting A Coup

Hold onto your butts!!! This is one SUPER sexy video that kicks off a three part scene. Poison Ivy is at it again!!! She's the mayor and aims to get her under Poison's spell. You see Poison knows that she'll never get into power politically in the city. The only option she has to rob the city blind and gain access to it's wealth and control of its resources is with inside help. The Mayor, Honey, is the best way to do that. Of course, this is going to take some serious powers of persuasion and Poison knows just how to do it. We find the Mayor tied up in Poison's hide out. Poison explains to Honey what she wants and as expected Honey refuses to help her. Unforunately she's in no position to resist Poison. Poison explains that for her it's a win-win situation. Poison absolutely LOVES beautiful female feet and it just so happens that it's a great part of the body to use to infuse her mind bending powers! Mayor Honey, muffled through her gag, tells Poison that it won't work but Poison knows otherwise! She removes the sexy Mayor's shoes to bare her beautiful feet. What a wonderful little bonus, getting to have your way with such a powerful and beautiful woman's feet. Poison takes one of the Mayor's toes in her mouth and immediately she begins to break her down! Honey tries to resist but with each long lick of her sexy bare soles and deep sucking of her beautiful toes only serves to weaken the Mayor. As Poison enjoys her work the Mayor becomes weaker and begins to turn into one of her minions! Poison can tell that the Mayor is broken so she removes the gag before moving on to her other foot so she can listen to the proud Mayor as she moans under the touch of Poison's mouth on her feet! As Poison enjoys her spoils, she hears a noise so she quickly hides in case it's the authorities. It is! Sexy chief Lela enters the room and rushes to the Mayor's side. They Mayor is deleriously saying Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy due to being overwhelmed and Tipsy with her powers of worship. Lela shakes her trying to get the Mayor to come around. Lela tells her she knows it's Poison and asks where she is. Lela doesn't see the knock out blow coming from Poison as she sneaks up from behind. Another bonus!!! Lela comes to, bound face down in horizontal stocks. Her feet sticking straight up and totally vulnerable to Poison. Lela is angry and threatens Poison but Poison knows she can do nothing. As Poison removes the shoes of Lela she notices that Lela is particular threatened by it. She can tell that it's already a weak spot for the sexy cop! Lela tells her she'll never give in but as soon as Poison's lips wrap around her sexy toes Lela's resistance is all but gone! Licking and sucking on Lela's sexy, pointy, wrinkly soles and little toes brings Poison great. Beautiful feet to worship and having control of the Mayor and the Chief is about the best scenario she could ever want! Poison's coup is well under way and she's got all the power she needs for it! What'll happen next?!?!?! What effect with this spell have on the two heroines? Tune in next time!!!

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Duration: 30:52.016
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IWantFeet – Oh Yes I Can!

Awesome forced worship custom!!! We enter to see the always beautiful Honey sitting on her bed, reading quietly. Her roommate Jessica enters and climbs on the bed with Honey. She positions herself so that Honey's feet are close to her face and within reach. Honey is more interested in reading as she dangles, flips and pops her feet in and out of her ballet flats. Her amazing and revealing shoe play is driving Jessica crazy and Jessica reaches out to touch Honey's feet. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, Honey knows what Jessica is doing and moves her feet out of reach as she smiles an evil smile. Jessica offers a nice foot rub but Honey declines. "I'm not really into you touching my feet. I know you have a weird foot thing and I don't really want to be any part of it." Honey is VERY aware of Jessica's attraction to feet and doesn't share her enthusiasm for it. What Honey also knows is that what she's doing is torturing Jessica and so she continues with her evil teasing shoe play, loving every minute of the torment she's putting Honey through. Jessica makes a move again and Honey again dodges it. Jessica then decides to leave the room. After leaving Honey comments to herself that Jessica won't be getting any of her feet but if she returns Honey will definitely continue to tease, torment and deny Jessica any shot at her feet. Jessica does return, holding something suspiciously behind her back. When she moves past Honey and out of her view she pounces on Honey knocking her out with something 🙂 Jessica is about to have her way with Honey's feet. Honey awakens to find her feet duct taped to the and of the bed with her soles up in the air. Her hands are duct taped behind her back and there has also been some tape placed over her mouth. Jessica begins to enjoy her victory and plans on taking a nice long time with Honey's feet. She first partially removes her shoes so she can take a nice whiff of her feet and shoes at the same time. Then Jessica removes her shoe so she can bury her nose in it. After doing the same with both feet she then begins to rub her face on Honey's bare soles and buries her nose in Honey's toes taking huge whiffs of her sweet smelling feet! Jessica spends a very long time kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking Honey's feet until they're nice and moist. Honey struggles and complains under her gag but there is nothing she can do. After a long session of completely devouring her feet Jessica moves up to Honey's head. Tay happens in to see what's going on. She's shocked as Jessica tells her she did this to Honey because Honey wouldn't let her play with her feet as she doesn't like it. Tay, instead of helping Honey, joins Jessica and helps her as she tries to make Honey learn to like feet. Jessica takes off her sock and gets on her knees on the bed. Tay lifts Honey's head by her hair as Jessica places her wrinkly soles right in front of Honey. Tay then takes Honey's head and forces it down on Jessica's sexy soles making her breath in Jessica's feet! They then remove the tape and force Honey to spend a little time licking and sucking on Jessica's feet! Honey is powerless to stop Jessica and she knows for sure now that when she tells Jessica she can't have her feet, Jessica will simply say OH YES I CAN!

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