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MyDollParts – Getting Wet

I was going to clean myself up in the shower but when Reena walks in and we start touching and kissing through the glass, I want to feel her hot body on mine, getting wet together. We get drenched, kissing deeply, swapping spit, licking each other’s slick bodies and worshiping each other’s feet. Reena plays with her pussy while I suck her toes and lick her sopping wet wrinkled soles. Dirty girls never really get clean, and we like it like that.

Duration: 11:06.366
Size: 246,56 Mb

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TAWorship – Tired Feet, Working All Day, Leads to A Foot Worshipping.

Oh, her poor feet are so tired…working a long day, wearing leopard print high heel shoes, what’s a girl to do but to complain to her best friend sitting next to her? Delilah shows her tired feet to Maddy and Maddy is very sympathetic. Taking off her high heel shoes she starts with a gentle kiss to make it all better. The pantyhose clad Delilah instantly responds with a laugh and lets her continue on.

The pantyhose come off and then the real messy action starts up. Maddy goes to town on that foot licking and at one point she sucking that big toe like it’s a small dick about to ejaculate a load. At the end Delilah says about her feet, “it feels so much better now”

Duration: 15:27.360
Size: 463,801 Mb

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TAWorship – Nylons At The Gym

Kenzie needed to go the gym and didn’t have any clean socks so she borrowed Bella’s nylons. Bella needs to get dressed to go out and can’t find her nylons and Kenzie confesses to borrowing them but wearing them all day and sweating in them at the gym. Bella doesnt have time so does a smell test to see just how bad they are and to her surprise the scent is intoxicating. Kenzie knows Bella has a thing for feet and happily lets her sniff and worship her feet in nylons and later lets Bella have her gorgeous bare feet.

Duration: 16:04.520
Size: 482,765 Mb

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TAWorship – Macy Enthusiastically Worships Kody’s Feet

Macy wants to try something new and Kody just happens to be there. Kody was just laying on the couch with her feet out when Macy comes in enthusiastically and decides Kody’s feet are just too cute and adorable to pass. With a deep inhale she starts her worshipping and there’s one point where she asks the question…how many toes can I fit in my mouth? Yes, this is a enthusiastic and fun footworship.

Duration: 15:17.560
Size: 457,834 Mb

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TAWorship – Katie Kush Devours Jazmin Luv’s Feet *No Voice*

Sometimes even trained professionals get a little too excited at a shoot and they make a mistake. Our content guy was so looking forward to watching Katie and Jazmin that he may have, umm, forgotten to set up the mic. There’s no audio for these files, just tasteful background music, so you won’t hear the dialogue, you won’t hear the licking and sucking, but you will get to see one extremely hot foot worship featuring two luscious babes that love a good foot.

Duration: 12:10.960
Size: 354,967 Mb

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TAWorship – Jazmin Luv Worships Katie Kush’s Smelly Feet

Tired aching feet, at the end of the day, just wanting to take your shoes off, and Katie does just that, not thinking that her feet would have a strong pungent odor to them. Katie is initially embarrassed by the smell when Jazmin noticed it, but soon Jazmin let Katie know just how much she enjoyed the smell of those delectable feet.

Watch Jazmin go wild on those feet, sniffing, licking, toe sucking…it’s all here.

Duration: 15:24.000
Size: 460,115 Mb

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TAWorship – Exercise In Arousal

Vanna Bardot is in to see Therapist Naomi Swann. Vanna has been having arousal issues in her relationship and cannot figure why she is having such difficulty getting turned on. Naomi suspects that Vanna has no issue getting aroused but just needs the right trigger. She dangles her shoes as Vanna lay on the sofa and she can’t help but notice Vanna staring and stumbling over her words. Naomi has the perfect exercise to get her aroused and gives Vanna what she has been missing in her life.

Duration: 15:15.960
Size: 454,395 Mb

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TAWorship – Boss Angeline has a special assignment for Assistant Freya

The Boss has had a rough day and she needs a little rest and relaxation. Angeline calls to her employee Freya, she puts her foot out, and says she knows what to do. Freya is a good employee, a really really good employee, and gets to her knees and starts licking the nylon clad outstretched foot.

A ripped nylon, plenty of licking and sucking, and the boss soon knows exactly what she hired Freya…she’s amazing at worshipping feet.

Duration: 15:22.840
Size: 451,122 Mb

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