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PleasuresOfTheSole – Goth Girl’s Gorgeous Soles

Lilith is a hot goth girl with gorgeous and INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet! Like most goth girls, Lilith keeps her pampered feet hidden beneath socks and boots, making the soles of her feet supple and wonderfully soft. SHES EMBARRASSED OF HER WRINKLED FEET and is afraid Bianca will hate them, but she is shocked when she compliments her peds and willing puts them in her mouth AND SHES EVEN MORE SHOCKED AT HOW GOOD IT FEELS.

LILITHS NEVER HAD HER FEET TOUCHED INTIMATELY, shes never had any sexual experiences with other females besides the occasional kiss, so this is new territory all around for the hot goth. Bianca pops her big toe in her mouth, smiling knowingly as Lilith is unable to hide her reactions, HER EYES GROWING WIDE AS SHE GASPS FROM THE RUSH OF PLEASURE SHOOTING UP HER LEGS! Bianca runs her warm tongue up her silky soles, tasting her salty scent, swirling her tongue in her arches and on the balls of her feet. Lilith cant contain herself and is soon cooing and moaning with pleasure, her eyes locked on Biancas mouth, watching in lustful fascination as her feet are devoured. THE SENSATIONS ARE SO INTENSE THAT LILITHS EYES ROLL IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE SCENE, ESPECIALLY WHEN HER TOES AND ARCHES ARE AGGRESSIVELY WORSHIPPED. She tosses her head back and moans with excitement when Bianca first deep-throats all five of her toes, THEN SUCKS ON ALL TEN TOES OF HER AT ONCE, the hot scene causing both girls to moan hotly. MMMM Lilith coos as she crosses her ankles so Bianca has better access to her arches and toes. By the time the lusty redheads had her fill, Liliths feet are covered in saliva and her legs are shivering from the pleasure.

Liliths feet are very sensitive and that means theyre also VERY TICKLISH! Bianca wants to see if she can make this goth hottie crack a smile so she puts her crossed ankles in an inescapable headlock and viciously tickles her feet! LILITH EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, screaming and struggling wildly as Bianca rakes her sharp fingernails up and down her silky soles, TICKLING THE HYSTERICAL GIRL UNTIL SHES DESPERATELY BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP!

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Download – Goth Girl's Gorgeous Soles

PleasuresOfTheSole – Daphney Rose Delicious Soles

Daphney Rose is a gorgeous model from the West Coast WITH SOME OF THE HOTTEST AND SENSITIVE SIZE 8 FEET WE'VE EVER SEEN! She's never had a woman worship her feet before, but she knows her feet are extremely sensitive, and she can't wait to see what that's going to feel like. Daphney is very comfortable with her body and does her first foot worship scene TOPLESS!

Bianca has had a crush on Daphney ever since she had the chance to tickle t0rture her on our sister site, Tickle Intensive, so she dives right into her delectable soles. She takes in their salty-sweet scent and licks up and down her incredibly soft soles, stopping to gently suck on the soft balls of her feet. Daphney reacts almost immediately, gasping and moaning with pleasure, the intense sensations totally taking her by surprise. “MMM… I DIDN'T THINK THIS WOULD FEEL SO GOOD…” she moans as Bianca sucks on her arches and teases the sensitive undersides of her long toes. Daphney's nipples get rock hard and her back arches forward when Bianca sucks on each of her toes individually. She gasps with arousal when all five of her toes are worshipped at once and her panties get soaked with her excitement when Bianca somehow crams ALL TEN OF HER TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!! “THIS IS MAKING ME SO WET AND JUICY…” she coos as Bianca goes back to licking her arches and the undersides of her toes, the most sensitive parts of her feet. Daphney gasps and moans with arousal the entire session, SHE EVEN STARTS TO SWEAT WHILE HER MOANS OF PLEASURE REACH A CLIMAX SEVERAL TIMES! Although Daphney never admits to actually cumming from the foot worship, the camera never lies, and I will leave that judgment to you the viewer.

After listening to her hot gasps and moans for over 10 minutes, Bianca is ready to hear Daphney laugh and beg. She knows her incredibly sensitive feet are DESPERATELY TICKLISH so she tricks her into placing her ankles in an inescapable headlock. Once Daphney's gorgeous soles are trapped, Bianca tickles them with her sharp fingernails, spidering her nails in her tender arches! DAPHNEY SHRIEKS IN SURPRISE AND EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! She begs for the tickling to stop, but Bianca loves hearing her laugh, so she tickles her feet even harder until Daphney's laughing so hard she can't even beg! She laughs uncontrollably while Bianca torments her feet with a wicked mixture of tickling and arousal, TICKLING HER SOLES WITH HER NAILS WHILE TEASING HER WIGGLING TOES WITH HER TONGUE, DRIVING POOR DAPHNEY INSANE WITH LAUGHTER AND DESIRE! 

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Aunt Mary Worshipped

Bianca made the mistake of tying up and tickling HER REAL-LIFE AUNT MARY on our sister site, Tickle Intensive. Now Bianca is learning the consequences of mixing family and business – her Aunt discovered she also shoots female foot worship, AND SINCE SHE'S ALWAYS WANTED HER BIG SIZE 9.5 (EXTRA WIDE) FEET WORSHIPPED, SHE GIVES HER NIECE AN ULTIMATUM – KISS MY FEET OR ILL TELL YOUR MOTHER WHAT YOURE UP TO! Her Aunts big soles wiggling in her face, Bianca has no choice but to worship them, and it turns out to be a lot more enjoyable for niece and Aunt than either expected!

BIANCA DOESNT WANT HER LITTLE SECRET OUT SO SHE MAKES SURE TO GIVE HER AUNT MARY THE FOOT WORSHIPPING OF A LIFETIME! She methodically kisses, licks, and sucks every square inch of her big feet, playing her long tongue in her deep arches, and sucking on her sexy painted toes. Aunt Mary gasps with surprise and starts cooing and sighing with pleasure almost immediately. "WOW… THIS FEELS WAY BETTER THAN THE TICKLING, BIANCA…" TEASES AUNT MARY, HER BODY SHIVERING WITH PLEASURE AS HER FEET ARE WORSHIPPED. Her niece discovers her arches and toes are her Aunts most sensitive spots, so she concentrates on pleasing those areas, MAKING HER MOAN WITH PLEASURE!! Aunt Mary is obviously wet and VERY EXCITED, and she doesn't seem too embarrassed about it either, she just bites her lip moans as her body jerks in time with the movements of Bianca's mouth on her feet. WHEN HER NIECE CRAMS HER ENTIRE EXTRA-WIDE FOOT IN HER MOUTH, AUNT MARY'S MOUTH DROPS OPEN IN DISBELIEF, AND WHEN SHE MAKES HER NIECE SUCK ON ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE, SHE TOSSES HER HEAD BACK AND MOANS WITH ECSTASY!

Bianca doesn't seem to mind kissing her Aunt's feet either – SHE BECOMES HOT HERSELF SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE SCENE AND MOANS WITH PLEASURE! In fact, she might have worshipped her feet all night long, had her Aunt not made the mistake of going back on her original promise of keeping Bianca's secret, forcing her to resort to other methods to ensure she wouldnt spill the beans – such as trapping her Aunts ankles in an inescapable headlock and TICKLING THEM by raking her sharp fingernails all over her ticklish soles! AUNT MARY WAS NOT EXPECTING TO BE TICKLED IN THIS SCENE AND EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER, SQUEALING AND CACKLING LIKE A WITCH POSSESSED, BEGGING HER NIECE TO STOP! But Bianca's not going to stop tickling until shes convinced shell keep her promise, and unfortunately for her hysterical Aunt, her niece won't be convinced anytime soon…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4953 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 11:18.711
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Download – Aunt Mary Worshipped

IWantFeet – You Get My Feet I Keep My Job

Stockinged to bare worship with two sexy girls Danica and Vanessa that leave Danica's feet glistening by the end!! Vanessa goes into her bosses office for a meeting. She's told that cutbacks are widespread and her lack of performance on the job has put her on the list of people to be let go. When Vanessa begs for another chance, Danica explains that the paperwork hasn't been processed but the decision is already been made. Vanessa can't lose her job and so she make a last ditch effort to capitalize on something she's noticed. She moves seductively around the desk and sits on the desk in front of Danica. She tells Danica that she's noticed her looking at her feet as she seductively removes her shoes and places her stockinged feet in Danica's face. Danica can't resist but doesn't want to do this in the office. The set a meeting at Vanessa's house where Danica is promised that she can have as much of Vanessa's feet as she wants. Later Danica shows up at Vanessa's house. She is invited to sit on the sofa. Before she can have her feet Vanessa make sure Danica will make good on her getting to keep her job. Danica agrees and then she begins to feast passionately on Vanessa's stockinged feet. After devouring her feet in hose she rips them open to worship Vanessa's bare feet! Vanessa is getting turned on by this whole ordeal and tells Danica she would like a shot at her feet and tells her they should go into the bedroom. On the bed Vanessa devours Danica's stockinged feet before ripping them off and licking and sucking on her wrinkly bare soles and toes leaving them wet from her saliva! Super hot scene!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4115 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 40:28.341
Size: 1 222,286 Mb

Download – You Get My Feet I Keep My Job

IWantFeet – Poison’s Evil Plan!!!

Really sexy custom video that fans of the superheroines will surely love!!! Poison Ivie has an evil plan, but then again, doesn't she always? This time she wants to "revamp her public image" and actually gain enough favor in the community to get elected to public office and the city council. But how to do this? Crackshot investigative reporter Honey Crest who writes for the daily news has been Poison's biggest critic over the last few years. She knows that Poison wants to get onto city council and so Honey wants to interview her and ask her "the hard questions" as well as confront her with some information that she has from an anonymous "source" stating that she just wants control of the city to rob it blind!!! Poison thinks, who better to get on her side. If she can get Honey Crest singing her praises and discounting any naysayers then the public will listen as Honey is known for "seeking out and finding the truth"! So Honey arrives and begins the interview. As she's pushing for answers Poison slowly begins to remove one of her boots and slowly waves her scented stockinged foot in front of Honey's face. Honey continues asking questions but is beginning to become confused. Poison is getting Honey under her spell and Honey begins to forget the questions and becomes mezmorized by the scent of Poison's feet!! Resistance is futile and Honey falls foward burying her nose in Poison's smelly toes. The plan is under way. Poison continues to exert control over Honey as she smells and smells away. But this won't be enough. She needs to get Honey to lick and suck and worship her feet to gain full control. She gets what she wants and eventually has Honey ripping off her stockings and worshipping her bare soles, sucking the powerful evil poison from Poison's feet!! Poison tests her out asking if she' going to say good things about her and get the newspaper to back Poison's candidacy. Honey agrees!!! She's totally under Poison's control. This is bad. Fortunately for Honey, Supergurl has been watching. She knew that eventually Poison would try something devious and luckily she found Honey. She knocks out Poison and takes Honey to the other sofa. Honey is deep in a trance, what can Supergurl do? Well she thinks fast and uses her own feet to combat the poison Honey has taken in. Supergurl feeds her feet to Honey. Honey is passionately licking and sucking her feet. Supergurl is even getting a little bit turned on by Honey. "Oh well, what I do to save the world", quipped Supergurl LOL!! Eventually Honey comes around and now knows what happened. She says she didn't realize there was that power in supers' feet. Supergurl tells Honey that she has the power in her feet too…..the power of the truth!! "Let's use it against Poison and get her talking", Supergurl postulates. Honey agrees and we find Supergurl pinning Poison down as she struggles to avoid Honey's bare foot closing in. When she puts it over Poison's nose it immediate takes effect. She's soon sucking and licking all over Honey's sexy feet and singing like a bird about how evil she is and all of her devious plans!!! Foiled for now. The sexy feet of Supergurl and Honey save the day!!!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4115 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 38:45.472
Size: 1 170,848 Mb

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IWantFeet – Poison Trap Foot Worship

Poison Ivie is caught!!! Sitting handcuffed in her chair in office of Officer Nadia, she is helpless to get away. Nadia enters to gloat a little bit. "With all of your poison toys taken away from you, you're nothing more than a pretty face!" she laughs. Not so tough it would seem, for the now helpless little Poison. Poison pleads like a helpless little kitten, please don't send me to jail! Nadia wonders what that pretty little face might look like with her toes in Poison's mouth. Enjoying her position of power over the normally powerful Poison, Nadia decides that having the normally tought "bad girl" at her mercy is something she wants to enjoy! "I'll consider letting you go but you must worship my feet!" Poison can't get on her knees fast enough as she removes Officer Nadia's shoes and begins to lick, suck and nibble her feet with submissive glee. Could Poison really be beaten?!?! Is she Nadia's bitch now? It certainly would seem that way as she goes from one foot to the other doing whatever Nadia tells her while Nadia lays back on the desk and enjoys her sexy worship!! When she is satisfied she allows Poison to take a break. Returning her to the chair Nadia instructs her that she will let her go but on one condition. "I have to have the rare diamond you stole back!" Poison's eyes light up and deep down you can see her devious mind at work! "It just so happens I have the diamond on me! It's in my boot!", she says as she smiles an evil smile! Nadia gets down and removes Poison's boot. As she's looking down in the boot POISON RAISES HER STOCKINGED FOOT, SPREADING HER TOES AND WAIVING IT IN NADIA'S FACE!!! THE INTOXICATING SMELL OF POISON'S FEET!!! Nadia never saw it coming but as soon as the SWEET SCENT OF POISON'S FOOT BEGAN TO FILL THE AIR OFFICER NADIA WAS UNDER HER SPELL!!! "What is it that you were looking for officer?", asks Poison. "I don't know", Nadia repsonds in a trance-like state. Poison is in control and she forces Nadia to take deep whiffs and inhale the scent of her feet. She also makes her taste the poison of her stockinged soles as well as a some of her bare soles too!! Nadia is helplessly in love, taken over completely she is Poison's slave now! After a long smelling and worship session she puts Officer Nadia where she once was, handcuffed to the chair. Poison takes her radio for future use to avoid being caught but not before she gets Nadia to give her code to the evidence room!! "I'm sure there are lots of things in their I'll be interested in!!!" says Poison. Then, just like that……………….she's gone!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4099 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 26:19.994
Size: 789,484 Mb

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