IWantFeet – Footsie Fun At The Office

Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy! Stockings, bare, dangling, footsie play and worship it's all there. Not sure that's enough "sexy's" but it's a start! Just another day at the office, right? Lea calls Kayla in to have her first meeting with her new boss. Kayla's new with the company and her new boss Lea wants to sit down and go over things with her as well as get straight to work. The two ladies sit facing each other in front of Lea's desk so that they can be close to each other while going over things. Just watch as the two lovey ladies have a real penchant for "slipping, dipping and dangling" their shoes from their sexy stockinged feet. They talk business as we get a close up look at their incredibly sexy feet as they play with their feet in their shoes! After a while, Lea makes her move. She slowly slides closer and lightly makes a little contact with Kayla's sexy legs. Kayla's initial reaction is to move just a bit. Lea knows that anyone would do this normally. Lea presses the issue a bit as she slides her foot onto Kayla's leg again. Both are acting as if nothing is happening but Kayla isn't moving away and is even playing some sexy footsie back. Things heat up as the girls get more active with the footsie, VERY SEXY! They're both quietly reading over things and Lea asks if Kayla has any questions. Kayla says no. After a little while Lea asks again. Kayla says that she actually does have a question. She looks directly at Lea, putting her papers down and asks her "I'm curious where this", as she points to their entangled feet, "is going from here?" Lea puts her papers down and tells her she's glad she asked! Lea takes Kayla's stocking covered foot and places it in her mouth. She worships both of Kayla's amazingly sexy feet stockinged and bare! After she's done Kayla then returns the same favor to her new boss!! After the girls get their fill they head off to have a nice long lunch!! Kayla insists that they come back to what they were doing for dessert!! What a job to have!!!

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IWantFeet – Foot Massage Turns To Lovin’

Kessa comes home from work, exhausted. She drops on the bed to rest her legs and feet which she's be on all day. Dre comes in to say hi and begins to chat with her roommate. Kessa talks about how bad her feet hurt and Dre laughs at her for even wearing the heels she chose to work in all day. Dre feels bad and offers her friend a massage. She removes Kessa's shoes and begins to massage them nicely as Kessa is clearly enjoying the massage. Dre, overcome with desire, begins to place light kisses on Kessa's soles. Kessa doesn't seem to mind and even seems to really be enjoying it. Dre sees an opening to take advantage of the situation and sits up so she can dive in and get more aggressive. Without discussion Dre begins to devour her roommate's bare feet! As the passion builds Dre decides she wants to be in a different position and literally drags Kessa's feet to the edge of the bed so she can really go after her wrinkly soles. Dre makes Kessa's soles GLISTEN with the moisture from her passionate worship! Kessa loves it so much that she wants to return the favor. Kessa starts off conservative as she tries to keep her desires under control. That doesn't last long and Kessa really begins to get after Dre's bare, wrinkly soles! Kessa gets Dre's soles nice and JUICY with her saliva as she sucks her feet feverishly. Love watching two girls get really passionate after each others' feet? This is it! Enjoy!!

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TAWorship – Time Management

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Ms Sarah Vandella is a teacher at Maia's private school and she has been tasked to do an intervention to get Maia to follow the rules and be on class on time. Maia has an issue with time management and is always late and sometimes doesn't show up for class at all. Maia seems to have other things on her mind as Ms Sarah soon finds out. She cannot wait to get those big gorgeous feet and deep arches in her mouth and on her tongue. Not only that, she hopes to convince Ms Sarah to forget about letting her parents know about her tardiness.

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TAWorship – Season Finale

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Regan and Scarlet are hanging out watching the season finale of their favorite show. Regan likes to sit closer to the TV and probably a little closer to Scarlet's feet. She cannot keep her eyes off of them and soon admits that she cannot concentrate and would much rather have her friend's feet than watch TV. Scarlet knows the only way to get back to her show is to let Regan get it out of her system!

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