IWantFeet – Tutoring Teacher Turns Ava On!

Incredibly sexy custom from a wonderful FEMALE fan!!! Ava is having trouble with her school work and she needs help. Her teacher "Miss Anderson" comes over for a bit of private tutoring to help the struggling student. Ava and Miss Anderson sit together on the sofa as Ava begins to read from the text. Ava is clearly struggling but it's not necessarily the material that has her messing up. Ava can't concentrate. The reason……Miss Anderson's sexy heel dangling right in front of Ava as she's trying to read!!! MIss Anderson's sexy dangling shoeplay is DRIVING AVA INSANE! Her wrinkly, high arched foot, with her sexy heels on the verge of falling off is mesmorizing to Ava!! After a few times of Ava messing up and losing her place reading Miss Anderson notices what's going on. She begins to dangle her shoe more and moves it around more dramatically. She focuses on Ava's eyes and clearly begins to see what's going on. Then she allows the shoe to drop! Ava, while reading begins to move to the edge of her seat but can't hold on……Ava DIVES ON THE FLOOR GRABBING HER TEACHERS SHOE AND BURIES HER NOSE IN IT TO SMELL BEFORE LICKING THE INSIDE OF THE SHOE! Ava is completely engulfed in what she's doing as her teacher looks on. "What are you doing sweetie?", Miss Andersone enquires. Ava confesses that she is obsessed with her teachers feet and she watches her dangle and play with her shoes under her desk at school all the time. The sight of her sexy feet is maddening to Ava! Miss Anderson is intrigued by this and wants to know more. She turns around to kneel on the sofa and tells Ava to show her how much she loves her feet! Ava DIVES IN PASSIONATELY LICKING AND SUCKING HER TEACHERS FEET UNTIL THEY ARE GLISTENING! Miss Anderson is caught off guard by the pleasure induced by her students worship! She loves it! After a long worshipping Miss Anderson admits to noticing the little co-ed's sexy litt feet herself and asks if she can return the favor. She straddles Ava and does her own licking and sucking on her tiny wrinkly feet! Miss Andersone passionately devours her student's feet and in the end they agree that more tutoring is clearly going to be necessary!! No doubt a VERY sexy scene!

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IWantFeet – Time To Wake Up!

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AMAZING!!! This may be the hottest, sexiest, most passionate, MOST sexually charged foot worship scene you have seen to date here at I WANT FEET!! If you love to watch two girls that REALLY LOVE FEET get after it with each other and cum really hard while doing it then you WANT to see this one! Jasmine comes in to waken Dre to go work out. They've been saying they would go to the gym in the morning and today Jasmine is going to make Dre go. Dre doesn't want to get up though, that's pretty clear. Jasmine decides that she can wake her up with a little foot attention. She moves down and removes Dre's socks giving her little kisses and licks. Dre slowly comes to life. She rolls over and Jasmine takes both feet and licks them with a little more passion. Dre leans up and the girls embrace passionately kissing. Dre says she "almost" awake but needs more. She lays back and the Jasmine REALLY starts to eat her feet! Licking, kissing and sucking on them passionately. Dre can't seem to help herself as she reaches under the pillow and pulls out the vibrator. Jasmine continues to go crazy eating her feet as Dre pleasures herself, overwhelmed by Jasmine's foot love. As Jasmine eats her feet eventually Dre can't take anymore and she explodes. The girls embrace again and then Jasmine is laid down as Dre takes her feet and returns the favor. Jasmine is in heaven almost immediately. She's moaning and loving it as Dre totally devours her feet. Dre reaches to the vibrator letting Jasmine know it's okay to pleasure herself. Jasmine does so but she's so worked up Dre has to stop her because Dre wants to keep going for a little bit. Jasmine is so worked up that when she turns it back on herself it's almost no time at all before she explodes and does so more than once to the point where she's convulsing a bit and moaning. It's a VERY hot, VERY real scene! Enjoy! Oh, and this is kind of just a lead in LOL!

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IWantFeet – Jessica Meets Ocean’s Feet

Two brand new beauties in Jessica and Ocean. Ocean is an 18 year old beauty. She's super tiny and REALLY REALLY sexy. Her size 6 feet are just too cute and sexy for Jessica to not worship. Especially with her little foot jewelry. So she does and does nicely. You can't imagine how soft and undamaged Ocean's little soles and toes are. She's just beautiful!! Jessica doesn't appear to be any stranger to foot worship and when asked she just smiled and wouldn't say anything to us about it. These two sexy beauties together is a site to see. We know you're going to love these two!

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Duration: 10:01.167
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IWantFeet – Brats Blackmail The Maid

Ridiculously hot scene!! Mandy and Chandler were out partying all night! They get home late and are tired so they flop on the sofa to unwind. The girls agree that what would be fantastic is some hot foot worship but they're both so tired neither really has the energy to "give". What a dilemma! Total brats for sure, only wanting their needs served and not wanting to give anything to get it. Mandy's family is very well off and being the bratty little snot that she is she quickly forms a plan to take advantage of the maid. Her mother's maid is actually about the same age as these two girls and Mandy knows she needs her job. She also knows that her mom's maid has a little thing for partying. When she poses the plan to Chandler to have the maid worship their feet Chandler asks incredulously how she's going to get that to happen. Mandy, rich brat that she is, tells Chandler not to worry and the maid will definitely do as she's told. "Maid!! Slave!! Come in here!!!", Mandy calls out in a condescending tone. Dallas, the maid, arrives to see what's going on. She informs Mandy that she is her mother's employee and does as her mother says and she's not there to service Mandy. Mandy begs to differ and tells Dallas that she's going to do as she's told because Mandy smelled a funny smell coming from the maids quarters the other night. Dallas denies any wrong doing and Mandy asks her if she could pass a drug test!! "Mommy WILL give you a drug test if she thinks you're doing drugs. Mommy will listen to me. It's my word against yours!" Dallas knows this little brat and her friend have her in a bad spot. She begs Mandy not to tell on her as she can't lose her job. Mandy reassures her she won't tell but she has to do something for them. "Worship our feet!" Dallas isn't thrilled at all but she knows the little brats will tell on her. The girls tell her to get down and remove their shoes. Mandy and Chandler sit there looking on as Dallas begins to worship. Mandy tells her to put more passion into it. As Dallas reluctantly worships the girls start to get hot and bother and begin to passionately make out while the maid is licking Mandy's bare soles! The girls giggle and make out while Dallas is forced to worship both girls feet, licking and sucking and kissing them as they occasionally bark orders at her and laugh between making out passionately! After a VERY LONG worship of both girls they start to really get worked up and send the maid away so that they can have some private time. The next day the girls feel a little bit bad about their behaviour and go to the maid's quarters to apologzie to Dallas. This apology, of course, includes some hot two on one foot worship on Dallas's sexy tiny wrinkly soles and toes! This is a seriously sexy scene!!

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Duration: 39:30.116
Size: 1 192,703 Mb

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IWantFeet – Balance Of Super-Power

Incredible!! Wunder Woman arrives home to find a VERY big surprise. Katwoman in her house!! This can't be. If she knows where Wunder Woman lives then what else could she also know?!?!?!?!?!?! "What are you doing here?" Wunder Woman asks Katwoman. Katwoman explains that she knows a lot of things that Wunder Woman probably doesn't want her to know……like……HER REAL IDENTITY!!!! Wunder woman thinks she could be bluffing until Katwoman calls her "Diana". Wunder Woman is shocked to hear her real name spoken by the evil Kat and she knows that she's in real trouble. Katwoman is clearly in the drivers seat now and Wunder Woman knows it. Katwoman offers to make a deal with her to keep her identity as long as Wunder Woman does exactly as she's told. Wunder Woman desperate to at least buy herself some time agrees to the deal even though she knows it's probably a deeper evil plot. Katwoman instructs her to get on her knees and then makes her lick up her shiny black boots! Wunder Woman does as she's told. Then off with the boots and Katwoman tells Wunder Woman to keep her identity safe she must worship her feet!! And, she has to make it good!! She has to enjoy it and Katwoman has to approve of her job. Wunder Woman, humiliated but desperate to keep her identity safe does as she's told! What she doesn't know is that deep in the wrinkles of Katwoman's sexy "paws" is a mind controlling power. The more Wunder Woman passionately licks and sucks on Katwoman's bare soles and toes, the more she's losing control of her own mind and becoming Katwoman's pawn. Katwoman wants nothing more than to control Wunder Woman, make her Katwoman's side-kick and turn her evil thus ruining her reputation and make her a villian. Katwoman deals the final blow by getting up on the sofa on her knees and making Wunder Woman bury her face in both Katwoman's bare soles, lapping up the mind controlling sweat! She begins to ask Wunder Woman if she's going to obey, going to do her bidding and Wunder Woman is agreeing! Katwoman has her in her clutches!! Luckily for Wunder Woman, Supergurl isn't far behind! Supergurl comes in and pulls Wunder Woman from Kat's feet. "Stop Wunder Woman stop!" The bond was broken just in time and Wunder Woman comes out of her Tipsyen state. Wunder Woman explains that Katwoman knows her identity. Supergurl has a solution for that one and with her strength and speed she pulls off Katwoman's mask! Now the playing field is even. Katwoman's revealed. But before she can go she has to return the favor of worship. Not just Wunder Woman's feet but Supergurl's feet too!!! Humbled, scared and ready to submit to anything Katwoman puts her tail between her legs and eagerly worships the bare soles of both ladies. Then when she's done both sides agree to keep the others' secrets. And the balance of Super-power is restored!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4099 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 43:49.208
Size: 1 319,608 Mb

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IWantFeet – Ava Takes Advantage

It's the weekend and Danica is starting early. She's had a tough week and it's time for a glass of wine. Ava comes home to find her on the sofa relaxing. Ava inquires as to what she's doing and Danica tells her just that. She's very loose and happy as she explains about her tough week and that she's having wine. Ava asks how much she's had with a giggle and Danica thinks for a second and says, well, this is basically the end of the entire bottle. Ava says okay laughing a bit and walks away. With her back to Danica she quietly looks to the sky with a big "thank you!!!" look knowing that Danica will be totally in about an hour. Ava has new plans for her night tonight!!! We come back to find Ava returning quitely. As she suspected Danica is asleep on the sofa. Ava comes over to test her out with a shake and a call of her name. Danica is out! Ava moves to her sock covered feet. She's still a little bit tentative as she moves in. Ava takes a few whiffs starting slowly as she smells and rubs her face on her socked feet. At that point Ava removes her socks and gets more comfortable. She dives in first getting in a bit more good whiffs before taking off licking, sucking and nibbling Danica's feet. Ava knows at this point that Danica isn't going to wake up. She knows her roommate well and knows she's had enough to drink that she's going stay asleep. What she didn't see coming is that Ava's passionate foot worship would start to stir up a few quite moans and sounds from her roommate. A few times during Ava's fun Danica would let out a pleasurable moan and even curl her toes. One tentative moment came when Danica decided to roll over but she never woke. Ava ducked down but popped back up to then focus on sucking Danica's toes. Sometimes taking all her toes in her mouth Ava had the time of her life. Eventually it had to come to an end and so Ava, as best she could, Ava put Danica's sock back on and snuck away leaving her roommate with some wet soles and toes as she slept off her wine!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 872 kbps, 29.001 fps
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Duration: 22:52.969
Size: 163,709 Mb

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IWantFeet – Anti-Smoking Trance Therapy Is Trickery

Another request comes to life!!! Like the previous released request below, this is a very long video done in Hi Def and requires a broadband connection to download. Sexy little Renna Ryann wants to quit smoking and just can't. Her roommate and friend Mia Mckinley suggests she meet with her "trance" therapist Lea for some much needed help. So Renna has Lea come over to meet. Lea explains how it will work and quickly offers to get right to it. Renna is receptive and ready. Lea pulls out a necklace and begins her work. Renna is unaware of just what the plan is but it's too late. Lea begins to explain to her that from now on she will want nothing else but Lea's feet. She will want to worship them, licking her soles and sucking her toes and nothing else will matter to her. Lea says when she "awakens" she'll feel fine and remember nothing but when someone asks if she wants a cigarette she will be overcome with the desire to worship Lea's feet. "SNAP!" Renna comes out of the trance and is amazed. "That's it?" "I'm cured?" Lea says, "Well do you feel like having a cigarette?" Renna says no but has a puzzled look on her face. She's confused but overcome by a desire to look at Lea's feet. She asks if she can hold them. Lea is coy about it and says sure. From there Renna continues to become more obsessed until she's licking Lea's soles feverishly and sucking on her toes. Lea tries to distract her, asking if there was anything else she had planned or needed to do, smiling to herself enjoying every minute. A little bit later Mia Mckinley arrives and sits down to watch. She's amazed and a little bit turned on. Mia knew what Lea had planned and set her roommate up. Mia herself has a motive which she sheepishly reveals as she asks Lea if she can make Renna do that to her feet too. Lea says "I think we can work something out". Little does Mia know that she's been "programmed" as well in the past. Lea has control over Mia already from a past session but Mia doesn't know it. "SLEEP!" Lea puts them BOTH out with a word. Now Mia is in a trance as well and is about to become Lea's personal foot worshipper too. That Lea!!! She's so tricky! Renna is told to move and Mia to take her place. Lea tells her that when she snaps her fingers Mia will awaken and she will want nothing more to worship Lea's feet! "SNAP!" Sexy Mia comes to and says immediately "I like your shoes!!" Before she knows it Mia is nose-deep in Lea's sole and devouring her with passion!!! After Lea is satisfied she again puts them both out…."SLEEP!" She was going to go but then realizes she might as well "get a little" for herself. She instructs both girls that when she snaps her fingers they will awaken feeling great. But when Lea says she's going to leave they will become frantic with desire to have their feet worshipped! "SNAP!" Lea asks how they feel. They say, great but do seem a little confused. No matter. Lea says she's leaving and when they hear that both Mia and Renna quickly start telling her that she needs to see their pedicures they got and begin frantically removing their shoes. They both kneel on the sofa displaying four soles for Lea to feast on!! Lea does so, indulging herself in the sexy pleasure of their feet. After her fill, Lea again says "SLEEP!" The girls collapse on the sofa. Lea decides maybe she'll just leave them for more fun later. She gets up, fixes her skirt, wipes her mouth, takes her purse and she's off!!!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 3163 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 35:35.515
Size: 832,046 Mb

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IWantFeet – After Dance Class We Worship

In this sexy custom video you'll meet hot newcomer Sami. An extremely unique girl and kind of Honey's alter ego. Jet black brunette, some tattoos and at 5'7" taller than Honey with an extremely different look to her. However, even with that height, Sami just like Honey has incredible tiny size 5 feet with deep arches and incredible wrinkles from her many years of dance training. They enter after dance class and sit on the bed talking about how incredible their feet are while putting on a little display with them. After some talk, Honey springs a question on Sami not knowing how she'll react. Honey asks if she could worship her feet. Sami, much to Honey's excitement, gets very excited and tells Honey she was just about to ask her the very same thing. Honey jumps at the chance and so Sami provides Honey with her feet and Honey wastes no time getting down to business. Honey immediately removes Sami's little dance slippers and lays into her sexy feet. Dragging her tongue into Sami's very deep and very wrinkly arches, from toe to heel, it's not long before Sami's feet are very moist. Honey gives her a wonderful passionate worship of her soles before Sami rolls over and Honey goes to the toes. Then Sami wants her shot. She devours Honey's feet leaving no doubt that she wasn't lying when she said she was thinking of worshipping Honey's feet before Honey even brought it up. Long licks up Honey's sexy, wrinkly soles and deep sucking on her toes leaves Honey pretty worked up. So much so that Honey asks if they can do it again after dance class tomorrow! Really HOTT feet here, worshipped the way they should be.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 1089 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 140 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 28:32.243
Size: 250,881 Mb

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