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TAWorship – Bratty Little Sister

Zoe is always being pushed around by her very sexy little step-sister Nikki Next. Nikki never likes to do her homework or much of anything around the house, she usually tries to get her big step-sister Zoe to do everything for her. She is used to being treated like a princess and definitely used to getting her way. Nikki has an essay due tomorrow morning, it happens to be a paper about fetish, specifically foot fetish. Zoe is working on it but changes her mind, she has had enough of her little step-sister pushing her around. But as soon as Nikki realizes that Zoe may need a little encouragement, she props her feet on the kitchen table. Zoe has a major foot fetish and her own step-sister has the nicest soles she has ever seen. Like I said, Nikki knows how to get what she wants and soon has Zoe not only doing her paper but also her chores around the house. Zoe cannot resist feet and soon devours Nikki’s soles.

Duration: 10:59.133
Size: 80,195 Mb

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TAWorship – Betting Peds

Valora made a bet with Terra and now it’s time for Terra to pay up. Valora wants to settle the same way she always does – getting her girlfriend to lick her pretty pink soles. Valora’s toes wiggle in delight as she moans sensually at all the attention Terra’s tongue pays to her feet. Seeing how worked up this girl gets when her tender soles get treated to a tongue bath makes you wonder if Terra will ever be able to stop.

Duration: 19:04.143
Size: 291,981 Mb

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TAWorship – The Babysitter

Nikki, Honey’s babysitter, just found out what a warm, wet tongue feels like sliding across her soles and between her ticklish toes. This new experience was so exhilarating that now she is dying to give it a try and there’s no better place to start than with feet as wonderful as Honey’s! As a girl who has never been kissed, it takes her a little while to get into the rhythm but as her tongue starts to glide across Honey’s silky arches she is lost in a rapturous state of bliss in no time.

Duration: 21:59.117
Size: 336,601 Mb

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TAWorship – Spotless Record

Hannah recently came to Ms. Foxx in order to have her criminal record wiped clean. The conditions set forth by Ms. Foxx to undertake such a task were twofold. First, Hannah had to offer up her cute little feet for Ms. Foxx to play with from the privacy of her office. Now it is time for Hannah to fulfill the remainder of her bargain by worshiping the soft, wrinkly soles of Ms. Foxx. Hannah is eager to begin as her tongue glides along Ms. Foxx’s arches and slips between her ticklish toes. Hannah is surprised by how wonderful her feet taste as she nibbles her heels and wraps her luscious lips around Ms. Foxx’s soles. By the time she finishes Hannah can’t wait for a second helping!

Duration: 17:26.678
Size: 267,094 Mb

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TAWorship – Napping Cutie

Naiomi has been napping on the couch at Haley’s place the last few nights. Her cute socked feet hanging over the edge of the sofa have been catching Haley’s eye every morning and today she has decided to do something about it. She quietly kneels next to Naiomi at the foot of the sofa and slowly begins to pull Naiomi’s socks off to reveal her adorable feet. Careful not to wake her friend from her slumber, Haley begins to warm Naiomi’s tiny toes with her mouth as her tongue darts back and forth between them. Perhaps it is the faint tickling sensation this attention produces or simply the manipulation of her tender digits, but Naiomi slowly begins to awaken from her slumber. Wiggling her toes inside Haley’s mouth, Naiomi asks Haley what she is doing. To Haley’s surprise, she doesn’t sound mad at all, mostly curious as to how her toes ended up in such a predicament. As Haley tries to explain herself, Naiomi playfully tells her how good it feels and tells her to go ahead and keep licking her bare feet to help her wake up for work. Naiomi may have just found herself a new alarm clock…

Duration: 11:54.866
Size: 65,4 Mb

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TAWorship – Report Card

Nikki Next has done pretty poorly on her latest report card, her stepmother, Honey, is not too pleased with her and knows what Nikki’s step-dad will do if he knew that she got an F because she was skipping class. Honey agrees not to tell her step-dad if she lets her worship her feet. Nikki is totally taken by surprise but she has no choice, her step-dad will ground her for sure. Nikki thinks it is a little weird at first, but she soon starts to get into it. While the girls are at it, Nikki’s step-dad calls. Nikki answers the phone to Honey’s horror, but Nikki dangles her feet in front of Honey’s face and Honey cannot resist to keep worshipping even as her stepdaughter is talking to her husband. Every time Honey starts to get nervous that her husband will get home, Nikki convinces her to come back. The girls finally stop when step-dad finally comes home.

Duration: 10:56.733
Size: 70,844 Mb

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TAWorship – Pervey Aunt Honey

Young Nikki Next is over her Aunt Honey’s house, Nikki’s step-mom is out of town so Honey is making sure she is staying out of trouble. Nikki cannot find her sneakers to go to the gym and ask her Aunt where they are. Honey says she has no idea but as soon as Nikki leaves the room, Honey reveals the sneakers that she hid behind a pillow and starts to sniff them. Nikki forgot to ask Honey something and walks right back in and catches her in the act. She is disgusted and Honey is pretty embarrassed but she is more concerned that her niece is going to reveal her secret to the rest of the family. Nikki sees an opportunity to get a free pass to do whatever she wants, of course her Aunt will cover for her whenever she wants to stay out late and do things that her step-mother won’t let her do. Honey has to agree but she wants to make sure Nikki will hold up her end of the bargain. She tells Nikki that she wants to let her smell her sneakers whenever she wants, she wants to smell her socks and feet too, right now. Nikki thinks it is crazy but she wants to be able to go out and stay out late. She agrees, Honey starts to take big deep whiffs of her socks. Nikki is still a little in disbelief that somebody would like this, namely her Aunt. Honey slowly removes her socks and gets to her niece’s gorgeous bare soles. Nikki is starting to understand why people like this, she tries her best to not like it but she cannot hide the fact that she is getting extremely turned on.

Duration: 25:19.050
Size: 179,201 Mb

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