TAWorship – Political Pressure

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Newly elected Mayor Honey Crest is starting to feel the pressure. Her campaign was tough but once elected she started to feel the real pressure of the job with everyone tugging at her from all directions. Her Chief Of Staff Ari knows exactly what she needs to unwind, some big and soft feet. Honey immediately starts to relax the moment she gets a taste of Ari with her nylons on. Halfway she rips the nylons off and gets at her amazing bare feet.

Length: 16:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Just Fired

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Ari is the shift supervisor at her local Hooters and she has just fired Nika, seems Ari knows her bf is a player but she simply cannot take the constant reminder of her boyfriend’s infidelity at work. Nika is desperate to get her job back, so Ari tells her that if she is willing to be humiliated for once, she can worship her feet and she will consider giving Nika her job back.

Length: 15:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Grounded Again

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Nika has a half day at school so she comes early to find her little step-sister is not at school again but hanging out at home since their parents are off at work. Nika has been trying to set the right example but Ally is just not getting it. Ally knows if their parents find out she is going to get grounded again and this time for a very long time. Desperate, she offers to do anything to get out of it so Nika of course has a great idea. She makes little step-sister worship her feet to teach her some obedience and discipline but soon both girls find themselves really turned on.

Length: 15:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Foot Model Roommate

Ivory Soles moves in with her friend Ari and Ari is pretty excited to have a new roommate. She is however a little curious about how Ivory pays the bills and finds out about her Instagram and all about foot fetish. She is more than a little curious about foot worship and of course Ivory is down to let her learn.

Length: 15:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Employee Perks

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Macy is trying to recruit a new sales team member for her company but Dacy is reluctant, she has a pretty cushy job as it is with great benefits. Macy knows that it may take more than money to convince her and adds on her company’s special employee perk, namely Macy’s very talented mouth all over her sexy feet anytime she wants.

Length: 15:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Change Of Plans

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Jazmin and Aiden have plans to go out but its cold outside. The girls want to go out and have some fun with boys but are not in the mood to leave the house. Aiden and Jazmin then come up with a naughty idea. Instead of finding cocks to suck they decide to suck each other’s feet.

Length: 17:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Backstage

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Dacey is backstage to meet her favorite popstar Macy. She is overcome with excitement and cannot believe she is hanging with her idol. She is so eager to do anything to please Macy, she basically tells her that she will do anything for her. Macy is tired and her feet really hurt so Dacey immediately volunteers to massage her feet but Macy is quite surprised that Dacey massages them with her tongue!

Length: 15:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – A Lot To Learn

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Macy is having her boss Lauren over and is hoping to impress her to ensure she gets the promotion. Lauren however has plans to fire her and Macy cannot understand why. Lauren is looking for an assistant who goes above and beyond for her, something she thinks Macy has yet to learn. Macy however wants to prove her wrong and insists she will do anything, learn anything to keep her job and Lauren has the perfect task for her, worship her tired feet. Macy eagerly worships her feet to keep her job and get that promotion.

Length: 15:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

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