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Footjobs&FootPlay – Stefania Checks Out Rachel’s Feet

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Rachel Rose and Stefania Mafra are looking as sexy as ever, showing off their pretty bare feet and recent pedicures. Watch as they wiggle their cute little toes before feeling up each others feet, rubbing their hands along their soft soles. See Stefania get up close and personal with Rachels feet, worshiping them with her mouth. Watch as she kisses, licks, and sucks on her feet from heel to toe, tasting them. See these brunette babes press their feet together before sliding them up one anothers bodies. See them tease each others breasts with their feet, rubbing their tits with their soles and tweaking each others nipples with their toes, all while rubbing their pussies, masturbating as they enjoy each others feet.

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Download – Stefania Checks Out Rachel's Feet

Footjobs&FootPlay – Showing Off Her New Pedicure

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Taylor Reed knows how much you love playing with her feet so she went out and got a pedicure just for you! She had her toenails painted a pretty pink, dont you like them? She loves when you massage her feet so go ahead and caress them before planting your lips on them, kissing them. Lick her bare feet all over, feel how soft they are with your tongue. Watch as she curls her toes for you, eagerly waiting for you to suck on them. She wants you to spread her toes with your fingers and she wants to shove her whole foot in your mouth so she can feel your tongue dancing across them. Worship her feet as they deserve.

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Footjobs&FootPlay – Rachel Wants to Play with You

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Rachel Rose is your sexy girlfriend and she wants to play with you! Watch as she teases your cock through your pants, getting you nice and hard for her. In no time, shes stripping your pants off so she can wrap her feet around your cock, giving you the foot job you crave. Can you feel your cock throbbing beneath her sexy bare soles as she hugs your shaft between her soft, wrinkly arches, tapping on it with the pads of her toes? Feel her long, sexy legs as she works your cock with her feet, teasing her tits as she foot milks you. Are you going to cum for this brunette goddess? Will you explode all over her sexy feet?

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Duration: 7:39.335
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Footjobs&FootPlay – ChiChi Medina Bartering with StepDad & Going to Brunch with the Girls

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CLIP 1: Bartering with StepDad
When her stepdad walks in to see the lovely ChiChi Medina resting on the couch in skimpy lingerie with her sexy bare feet exposed, he can’t help but to take advantage of the situation. He caresses her beautiful calf and plants delicate kisses along the bottoms of her feet and against her soft, wrinkled arches. When she opens her eyes to see what he’s up to, she agrees to let him enjoy her feet a bit. After all, he is paying for her boob job, so he expects to get a little something for his generous gift. He’ll take care of her if she takes care of him, all she has to do is let him worship her sexy feet!

CLIP 2: Going to Brunch with the Girls
ChiChi Medina is about to head to brunch with her friends and her husband can’t help but notice how hot she looks in her pink mini dress and sexy cage high heels. Before she heads out, he wants to play. Watch as he takes off her high heels and flips off up the skirt of her dress, teasing her pussy through her panties before pulling down the top of her dress to see her big, perky tits. See him worship her feet, kissing, licking, and sucking on her bare soles, tonguing along her soft, wrinkly arches and tasting every toe. Watch as she teases her pussy, moaning louder and louder while he worships her feet.

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