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Using Daofile


1. Buy a premium to Link.
2. Send via email: links to video clips4sale, date of purchase, your country, nickname from daofile
3. Get a links to download the clips.

Buy the premium only on the link in the manual!


Premium Account 90 Days = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $40 (no more 1 store)
Premium Account 365 Days = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $120* (no more 2 store)
Premium Account 999 Days = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $200* (no more 3 store)

Not only do you save on the purchase of video Clips4Sale, but no limits to get access to all videos posted on the site!

*Price one clip no more than $39,99

Your Purchased videos will be posted on the site only with your consent!

Using Bitcoin


Not Supported Studios:


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