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MyDollParts – Morning Glory

Elle is the ultimate lover, and she knows me so well. As we rest and the fire crackles I dream of naughty things … And as soon as Elle wakes up she knows exactly what she wants. She crawls out from under the covers, making sure she doesn’t wake me up. She sneaks to the bottom of the bed and lifts the blanket exposing my bare feet. Sniffing under my toes, Elle inhales my pheromones igniting her desire for more. She checks that I am still napping and begins to tickle my soles with her nose and hot breath. Her tongue traces the high arches of my soles and licks the valley under my toes. She flicks her tongue delicately over my most erogenous zones, her own pleasure and excitement building. Each moment her panties get wetter as she sucks on my toes and makes love to my feet. The more she works them over, my dreams turning to reality, I can’t help but wake up. Once I wake, I am overwhelmed with pleasure and my own excitement, my panties drenched in my own sweet juices. After watching her for a moment, lost in her own lust for my feet, I take her foot to return the favor. We grind together, our legs wrapped around one another, worshiping each other’s feet simultaneously, lick for lick, suck for suck, until we are overwhelmed with intense pleasure …. this is Morning Glory

Duration: 16:50.933
Size: 379,268 Mb

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MyDollParts – Tiki Bar Babes

Kalina and Kayla meet at the bar, Kayla in a minty latex dress and glossy pantyhose, Kalina looking like a prim and proper pin up in pumps, pedal pushers and a cardigan. Kayla picks apart Kalina and doesn’t let her leave her new shoes on for long. Kayla’s tongue trances Kalina’s soles seductively. This video is full of toe sucking, sole licking, sloppy foot worship and much more. Kalina worships Kayla’s feet in and out of her pantyhose. First she makes Kayla’s pantyhose soaking wet with spit, making them even more sheer and glossy! Kayla removes her pantyhose to reveal her wrinkled soles and sopping wet bare feet for Kalina to drench in her saliva again. Happy, passionate, sloppy foot worship at its best!

Duration: 14:19.700
Size: 321,076 Mb

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MyDollParts – Kinky, Glossy Dolls

Jenna and Kayla don’t need latex to be fun to touch, but the right latex ensemble can be the perfect icing on the cake. Kayla is show stopping in a pink pearlescent latex dress and black stilettos, her high arches popping into view. Jenna enters the scene like a loyal doll in waiting, ready to rub up on her latex counterpart while wearing a sexy bowed latex bikini, standing taller than usual in a pair of Kayla’s prized Giuseppe Zantti Stilettos. Jenna knows just what she is expected to do, removing one of Kayla’s high heel, worshiping her foot like the prize it is while the Goddess herself lays on her back enjoying the simple pleasures of Jenna’s mouth! Once she’s satisfied, Kayla gets up to return the favor licking Jenna’s feet and french pedicured toes through the straps of those sexy stilettos. Shoe worship and foot worship at its finest featuring two of your favorite dolls, what more could you ask for?

Duration: 10:03.300
Size: 227,183 Mb

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MyDollParts – Hypno-Thera-Bree

Dr.Kayla is back at it, her unsuspecting patient Bree, lulling her into a state of total relaxation, trust and curiosity. Kayla makes Bree a slave to her feet, in a state where she isn’t quite resting, but she isn’t completely awake. Bree is lost in a dream world propelled but the lust for Kayla’s feet which grows with every sniff, with every kiss, with every lick. To prove her power, she makes Bree strip, first out of her dress, but eventually she helps peel off Bree’s sheer black pantyhose, and Bree removes her own bra & panties revealing her perfect natural breasts and neatly trimmed bush. Kayla instructs Bree to worship her feet, falling more and more in love with them while she does. Bree licks between Kayla’s toes, and laps up her high arches with long flat tongue strokes. Bree sucks Kayla’s toes one at a time then tries to devour all her toes at once. Kayla’s mesmerized patient looks at her longingly, intensifying their bond, until with one foot on her face Kayla snaps, bringing Bree back to a confused reality.

Duration: 27:00.666
Size: 608,373 Mb

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MyDollParts – Happy Hour

Neighbors Jenna & Idelsy love to get together after work for some wine and gossip. Tonight would be like any other night, but once the wine starts flowing and the women start talking trash about their ‘men’ things get wild fast. Jenna wants to explore her kinks and Idelsy just wants to have fun! It doesn’t take long for Jenna to convince Idelsy to play with her feet. They lick each other’s soles and suck each other’s toes before Jenna lets another secret out, she really wants a spanking! Idelsy is happy to oblige, pulling down Jenna’s leggings revealing her pussy and ass for her to spank RED! It turns Jenna on so much she needs more feet – The two get back into a position where they can devour each other’s toes and soles …making this the happiest ‘ hour ‘ ever!

Duration: 16:41.466
Size: 372,793 Mb

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